Bean, Rachel, & Rich

All right--what's left on the list??

Escort cards are cut (thanks to Paprika!!) and written... just have to be glued

Programs are printed and at Kinkos to be folded and hole punched.  (greatest. idea. ever.)  They just have to be "sewn" together with ribbon once I get them back.

Shot list... still not done.

OOT bags... I don't know if I'm doing them or not

Have to take stuff over to the reception venue

Still have to clean my house (ugh.)

Paprika: I like it when you burp in my ear. It really turns me on.

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Re: Bean, Rachel, & Rich

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    What's on Gzilla's list?

    DELEGATION. Best word ever.

    If you want help, I'm actually pretty free this week, except for my dr's appt this afternoon.
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    We also have to have our final walk through with our DJ.

    Paprika: I like it when you burp in my ear. It really turns me on.

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    OOT bags are halfway done - I just need to get motivated to finish. I need to fold all of our OOT brochures to go in these too

    Programs still need to be printed, cut out, and tied together (my big project)

    Placecard proof has been approved and now I'm just waiting for them to ship to me so that I can put them all in their little cork holders

    I need to clean the house for our BBQ on Friday (worst idea ever, but can't go back on it now). And buy all the food for Friday and prep it. Also finish staining our deck furniture and re-stuccoing our raised flowerbed walls. I am more stressed about this BBQ than about the wedding.

    Final walkthrough with my venue on Wedneday and I need to go to the bank to get a cashiers check to pay the final payment.

    I still need to pick up my dress and get together all the things to bring to the venue and the hotel to stay over.

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    Here's our last minute list:

    Ribbon and cards need to go on the OOT bags...then they're getting dropped off Wed night

    Drop off alcohol to BYOB rehearsal dinner venue Wed night

    Have to pull together cash tips for various people

    Meeting with officiant tonight

    Accessory drop off and venue walkthrough on Thurs

    Nails and massage with Mom on Thurs

    Quick Macys trip

    I think that's where we're at for now. I really can't believe it's only 5 days away. I'm trying to figure out when it will really feel REAL? I mean without being able to get good sleep you would think it would have hit me already :)

    Best of luck to the rest of the July 4th weekend ladies!
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    Bean - we are having a BBQ on friday too but it's at my FIL's and I am sooo glad. I would be really stressed too if it was at our house!

    Today I dropped off e-ring to get rhodiumed and got a tan. I need to print table names and put them into frames (FI did escort cards while I was at my bach party on Sat and now he is my bff!) and start making thank you cards for wedding party.

    Tomorrow I have an appt to get my teeth cleaned and I need to finish cards, then I need to pick up my ring and label all our stuff and pack for the honeymoon

    Wed I'm getting b-pics and I still need to buy heels for them!

    Thurs I go to NYC to have my final dress fitting and pick up my dress

    Fri is rehearsal and BBQ, drop off stuff at venue

    Sat we're getting our nails done and my dad's uncle is taking his side of fam our for a nice dinner

    I should probably clean the house at some point too since it is a giant mess!

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    Oh I definitely forgot about packing for the Honeymoon. Although I really think I'm going to get to that in the 28 hours between the end of the reception and getting to the airport. Will probably just stay up all Sunday night and head to the airport for our early flight on Monday.  Woo...what a wirlwind this is!
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