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shoe help!

i really want to find some blue shoes for my wedding.. my colors are chocolate and turquoise.  bridesmaids are wearing dresses in pool from davids bridal that are sating fabric.  i just wanted to see if anyone knew of any other options than to buy dyed shoes from davids bridal sincei cant find that seem comfy that i really like.. i will prolly end up  to buy dyed shoes from them but wanted to check before i made that ultimate decision.. and my wedding is outside.. does a short heel dig in teh ground? i know this sounds dumb but just wanted to see whaat anyones elses experience is with heeled shoes outside.. thanks is advance!!

Re: shoe help!

  • try or  theres a ton of blue shoes.  as for heels sinking in the ground, i think the shorter they are the better luck you'll have.  i wore 4 inch heels to an outside wedding before (my mistake), in some spots i sank a little...and in others it was fine...kinda weird but it wasn't fun getting stuck
  • Payless has a section for dyed shoes, looks like their "wedding" section.
  • Here's some:

    Is you're reception outside too? If so I would personally look into getting wedges so that I was 100% comfortable, or get those tips that go on your heel to keep you from sinking.
  • If you check my photos in my profile I have some pics of my blue shoes.  I bought Coloriffics from Amazon and brought them to a local shoe repair store to be dyed.  The lady there gave me the option of dying them to match fabric I already had or choosing from her swatch book. 

    I believe if you order from the Colorrifics and Dyeables websites you also have the option of sending them a fabric swatch and they will dye your shoes to match, so there are lots of options if you want your shoes to match the BM dresses perfectly.

    The height of your heel shouldn't matter, but be careful about the width of the heel.  Stiletto heels will sink into the ground no matter how high they are.  Find something with a fairly wide base.

    Another place I saw turquoise heels recently was JC Penney, so check them out as well.
  • Unless you like chunky heels, you might want to look at wedges.  I wore low heels with a wider but not chunky base to our rehearsal and kept sinking into the ground.  They would have been fine as a guest, but don't work so well once you start standing still.
  • try and
  • I found my blue shoes at, they are satin and bright sapphire blue.  I did have to look a lot of find the right ones.  So don't give up!  Just keep looking at all the shoe sites (zappos, dsw, endless, overstock, bluefly, amazon, etc etc)
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  • I think being able to choose any style you like and then make them blue is much easier than finding blue shoes.  this site has loads of shoes, dyes them to your swatch and free shipping.
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