Hello All!:)

Hey Gals!
My name is Andriana. My FI and I are both 19 going on 20.
We attend the same college (FI is a commuter though). I'm working on getting my Bachelors in Psychology and Art and he is going for a Computer Science degree.
We are both planning on going for our masters though!;)
We're planning to get married before we go to grad school
It will be tough but worth it.
We've been together for two years.
We're both Jesus freaks. lol
Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat. If not that's ok too! Everyone is welcome to introduce themselves!!:)
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Re: Hello All!:)

  • Welcome to the board! :)

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  • Welcome to the board! FI and I are still in school as well - working on our masters' degrees, and done in May. :) We're waiting a year between graduation and getting married, though, so we can work for a year and put money away towards a house while we live with our respective parents. Is it August 2013 yet?? lol!
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