Friday Check In!

Let's chat: what's new/what's going on this week? Anyone hit some major (or minor accomplishments they'd like to share)?

Re: Friday Check In!

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    I am up and it's 3:54 in hawaii. :( grading papers since i fell asleep.

    This isn't WR but major accomplishment:
    -Finished report cards with comments on time. I was stuffing envelopes the day it was due but they got done.

    Minor accomplishment:
    -Got two vendors booked and finally received both contracts HURRAY! now on to booking more things.

    -getting todd to be interested in wedding planning. we're going to the expo tonight :)! hopefully we'll lock down more vendors!

    have a great weekend everyone!
    Todd & Cari
    7.23.2011~Hale Koa Hotel
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    This week I had a TOTAL meltdown re: kids and being 30. I've been quite comfortable with that barrier of a "2" at the beginning of my age and NOT having kids. But, now that I'm in the 30s, that all important deadline is approaching. I know I want to have them, I'm just not ready to yet... So, I've been wrestling with that concept!
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    Oh man Cari! That sounds brutal! My reports are due in 3 weeks, and I'm 3 assignments behind in marking. =( BAH.
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    i started a new class today. The last part of our curriculum is working in the cafe on campus... for free! (well we are actually paying to work since it is part of our tuition, ridiuclous!) I got put in the breads department, which is fine, but my shift is from 12am-9am! All I do is bake off everything and put the finishing touches on, which is really fun. The only NOT fun part is NOT being able to sleep!!!! Last night I laid down at 430pm and probably didn't fall asleep until 8pm! And I had to wake up at 11pm :( At least it's the weekend now.. Hopefully this will go by fast! i only have to do it for three weeks.

    In kinda WR news, I'm going to knottie get-together with my wedding month club in NYC! I did it in October and it was so much fun, so I'm excited to go see some of these girls again!
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    Ah, I LOVE club board GTGs! I get together with mine still, and the girls are SO much fun!
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    I am just 2 short weeks out from the wedding, so it is crunch time!  FI has suddenly gained interest in uplighting, so I think we will be checking out some last minute things at the expo tonight.  I've been sending in my final payments to vendors *ouch* and scheduling some meetings with the photographer, venue, doc (FI's aunty), and my 2 cousins who will be emceeing and deejaying for us.  I've gotten almost all of my RSVPs in, so we're working on table assignments and updating our timeline.  Oh, we also saw our completed cranes last week and it is currently being framed -- I'll post a picture later.  Next week I need to order leis from Chinatown and the following week put together the favors.  So much to do!!!  Oh, and I don't think I told you guys yet, but I got an extra week off from work, so we are planning a last-minute mini-moon to Napa Valley.  I'm so excited!
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    ooh Napa Valley is SO beautiful!!! you will love it! :)
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    Ahhhh! That's so close Jamie! That's awesome about the minimoon!!
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    Wow!  You ladies have had a productive week!  I've been sick, but I still managed to have my 2nd fitting.  I finally got FI to pick his shirt/tie and have his suit altered. Other than that, I've been battling this awful cold.
    Oh, I almost forgot. I found a pet sitter for my furbabies - that was a long process!!!  If anyone ever needs to find a pet sitter or house keeper, tuitor, etc.  Check out Care.com.  It's SO GREAT!  I found a wonderful lady to take care of things while we're away.

    Jamie, your day is coming so quickly! But you sound like you have things under control.  I've been freaking out cuz we're leaving in 42 days and have so much going on at work.
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    I'm surviving. I have managed to get quarterly payroll taxes done for our business and W-2's.

    Wedding wise - working on putting together a menu back at the original location.  LOL I am so ready for this planning to be over!  Received all my materials for my DIY invitations.  Still a wreck over most everything lol

    Alyson....don't stress about the kids.  I was 36 when I had my one and only.  I'm 39 now (well next month) and I 'm still not old enough.  Kids are harder work than I ever imagined!  I love my son but boy....had I really, really known........And Happy Birthday!!!

    Jamie, hang in there.  It will all fall in to place....or so you all keep telling me LOL

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    I think our big accomplishment was working through the decision process to (I think) select which beach we want to get married on.  Also some of our WP and family are starting to make their condo reservations, which is SUPER exciting.  We're working on the details of our HM more.  I think we're going to spend a night in Pa'ia, and a couple nights in Hana (!!) before we head to Kauai.  I'm so stoked about that part of it that I can barely contain myself.  We've also begun to chat by email w/ a possible officiant, and are starting to think about what we want the ceremony to be like. 

    I like this part.  :)
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    Hmmm, let's see....

    Last weekend I went to PA to see my 2 best friends and we tried on some bridesmaids dresses. Still not sure what to pick but definitely eliminated some styles and colors.

    Planning on ordering my dress this week!!

    Finally signed the contract and booked the ceremony and reception location.

    Designed the save-the-dates and sent to my photoshop pro brother to perfect. Should be ready to print and send by next week.

    I'm officially in planning mode :)
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