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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Wedding date advice

I need help with dates.  I have my name down for May 26, 2012 and also August 4, 2012.  I had my heart set on May 26, well before I got engaged.  I just got engaged in December and my best friend got engaged in November.  So we have been talking about wedding dates and she wants to get married in May.  I am feeling so confused about what to do because I didn't want to wait until August and I am also worried about it being too hot on the beach in August.  I also don't know if there will be too many people on the beach.  We plan to get married at the Kitty Hawk Pier and so the these two dates are the only dates left in 2012 Spring/Summer.  Has anyone got married in early August on the beach?  What is the weather like?  What are the crowds like on the beach?  I just want to pick the date that will give me the best weather and pictures!!! Please help!

Re: Wedding date advice

  • OBX2011OBX2011 member
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    Congratulations on your engagement!!

    First off, this is YOUR wedding day my love!  YOU choose the day YOU want and guess what?  Your bf will be there waiting to do anything you ask of her.  I know its hard for you b/c you have had your heart set on May and of course being bf's you dont want your dates too close together, but on this one honey, you need to follow your heart.  This is the most important day of your life....dont let anyone or anything stand in your way. 

    Second, my sister in law got married on August 10th and I wont lie, it was hot hot hot!  The sand was hot, the walkways were hot, we were hot...even the dog was hot!  LOL  It is very muggy and very humid in obx that time of year....not to say that a wedding cannot be done in August, obviously, but it is really warm and uncomfy that time of year.  Consider your guests being in the hot sun and heat and of course you being in this gorgoues gown feeling like you are suffocating.

    Ok, ok....I am definitely pushing you towards May b/c that is what your heart is set on...

    Happy Planning!


  • hibiscus118hibiscus118 member
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    I agree with PP.   Pick the date that you and your FI want and go with that.  Your friend will either choose another date, or you'll have them both around the same time frame.  I had a September wedding and the weather was perfect, 80 degrees and sunny.  Its hurricane season, but so is August.
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    i live in kitty hawk, trust me its very hot and busy in august down here.  may is a perfect month to get married, go with your first instincts girl!!
  • princesskmpprincesskmp member
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     I have never attended a wedding in August in the OBX, but I vacation there every August.  Not only is it very hot, but the prices for accommodations are much higher during that time of year.  (Although, you may run into the same thing that late in May as well).

    The Kitty Hawk Pier house is a beautiful venue so whatever date you choose, your wedding will be gorgeous.

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    We are planning a May 2012 wedding and the house that we want does not have a heated pool.  Does anyone have any advice, will it be too cool to go in the pool that time of year?

  • OBX2011OBX2011 member
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    Hi Jess!  Congrats on your upcoming wedding ;)

    I will be honest and say that I really dont know about pool temp during this time of year but I know that the ocean is still very cold in late May....however; a pool is much smaller and with direct sunlight, it may be just right for you and your guests


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    Thank You!
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