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Jewelry? What kind are you wearing?

I was thinking pearls b/c thats what the model is wearing with my dress...but I dont have pearls, and I dont want to invest in them b/c I dont think I would ever wear them again honestly. Tho I do adore the 1950s ladylike vibe they give.

I found this necklace, swarovski crystal flower and its affordable...w silver and crystal earrings, I think it would be very pretty.

I'm also going to wear a bracelet, nothing too big but something a bit sparkly
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Re: Jewelry? What kind are you wearing?

  • Oooh!  That is very pretty!  I think either the swarovski necklace or pearls would be great.  Personally, if I thought that I was never going to wear pearls again, I wouldn't get them.  I agree with you, though, about the ladylike '50s thing.  I love it too.   What's the return policy on the necklace?  Could you try it out and then take it back if you don't like the look?
  • ya I would have to order it from a studio based in Virginia. Their site is
    Tiger Lilly
    It's my obsession, I love so many of their designs! Plus they have a blog too.
    Return policy isnt bad: "Items should be returned to us within 30 days of delivery with any tags still attached."
    The more I look at the pic, the more I feel like this is the right necklace. Cant wait to order it, I'll def keep you posted!
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  • Go to Etsy.com, they have amazing jewelry for all different prices that are vintage.  It's an amazing resource.  Or if your grandma is still around you could ask to borrow a piece of her jewelry.  I'm wearing my grandma's earrings from when she got married in 1948
  • ooo that sounds so pretty! definitely post some pics if you have a chance, I would love to see it!
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  • I was just browsing on tiger lilly (where I'm going to buy the necklace from) and found these earrings that I think would work. I cant wear anything too dangly or large b/c my dress has a collar that stands up...

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  • i like the necklace a lot! super cute!

    the earring are pretty too but IMO i think larger stud earrings would work better with your dress becaues of the collar. what if you move your head around the earrings get caught on the collar!

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  • lol yeah i know what you mean. there are some gorgeous longer dangly earrings i've seen but i'm thinking something like these--a cz post w a crystal drop. they are only 1/2 inch so not too long but still a little dangly :)

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  • I am wearing my fiance's grandmother's necklace and some earrings he bought me for Valentine's Day. All diamond and gold jewelry. Not pearls, because in my culture "It is considered bad luck for the bride to wear pearls on her wedding day, as pearls symbolize the tears that the bride will shed over the course of her marriage."
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