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I am looking for a venue, preferrably in or very close to Manchester where I can do ceremony, reception, and rooming accommodations all at the same place or within the neighborhood.  I am trying to keep the menu as close to 30 per plate as possible, and this is for June 2013.  Please please please help with any reccommendations, places to avoid, ANYTHING, I know it seems early to start stressing out over this, but my budget requires a lot of planning so I want this to be taken care of ASAP as it will be the most costly. Thank you!!

Re: Venue Madness

  • Totally understandable, and welcome to the board!

    Before anyone makes any recommendations- how big is your guest list?  Especially if you're trying to keep accomodations in the same place, or at least same area, this is important to know so nobody recommends somewhere that is too small.

    When you say "within the neighborhood" are you talking about down the street, or within 10 minutes driving time?

    Finally, when you say you're trying to keep the menu close to 30 per plate, are you ONLY referring to the food involved?  I ask clarification because I have met brides who refer to paying to X amount per person, and for that they mean their entire wedding (e.g. their idea of $30 per person is a $3000 wedding for 100 guests).
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  • oops, probably should have included that!

    My guest list is at an estimate 100 people.  In reality I will say it will probably turn out to be more like 75.  I would love if I can not have it all at one place, to have within a 5 minute drive at most.  A good portion of our guest will be flying in and I dont like the idea of making them navigate unfamiliar territory, especially with all the excitement of a wedding.  and I want to keep their trip expenses as minimal as possible.

    I definately am not foolish enough to think i can get 30 per person for the whole thing, I mean 30 per plate, meal only.

    I was very excited about the Highlander Inn near the airport, but then read it was torn down in December. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  • I don't know the pricing, but the Executive Court in Manchester may have what you're looking for!

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    I was just looking into that place! it does seem like it may work, I am also going to try the Radisson.  I think that may be a bit too pricy, but it's worth taking a look.  Thanks for the suggestion, if anyone comes across any other venues, please pass along the gems!
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