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i got engaged a day before christmas eve! I am so excited and scared to start planning! anyone know what month you are going to pick!! I am so unsure.

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    [QUOTE]i got engaged a day before christmas eve! I am so excited and scared to start planning! anyone know what month you are going to pick!! I am so unsure.
    Posted by karus523[/QUOTE]

    CONGRATS!! I don't know a month yet, I know that I don't want it in March or near the holidays or a summer wedding because of hurricane season  ( I live in S. Fla )  so that leaves Jan, Feb, April or May! My FI said to me today how about april 10 2014, and I"m like mm..thats nice, what day of the week is that, he goes I don't know, and he checked its a thursday..i'm like umm..babe we can not get married on a thursday, and not 5 days before tax day..haha
  • Haha a thursday would be kind of hard. I was thinking March or April because I dont want it to be too hot.( i live in NY)But then i was thinking March is kind of an in between month. I want to get married in november but this nov is too soon and next nov is too far away.

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    Since my FI is a teacher it would seem obvious that we would pick a month in the summer, but we each gave the other the deer in the headlights look about something for THIS summer, and next summer (2014) is entirely too far away. We don't want to wait that long (we're 35 and 42). (we got engaged 12/8)

    This summer would be okay for others, but I have 2 school-age children from a prior marriage, a home to sell since we must move to be closer to his job, blah blah blah. I mean we have A LOT to consider that many others probably don't.

    I love Thanksgiving and always thought a november wedding would be gorgeous. For a lot of reasons we picked the saturday after Thanksgiving and so far, planning is going well. Things are falling into place.

    Check out theknot and other sources and see if a color scheme jumps out at you. Maybe it will lend itself to one season over another, or even one month versus another. Good Luck! You may also want to take into consideration where you'll honeymoon if you plan on going immediately or soon after your wedding.
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  • Aww!!! November is an amazing month I want to get married in November but I think it's tooooooooo soon!!! Your wedding is going to be beautiful!!! I feel like until we can decide on a date I cannot do anything!!
  • People get married in every month, so it is up to you and your FI to decide what works best for us. We chose July because we wanted a summer wedding, and it was one of the only dates available at our venue.
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