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evaluate my vows?

The only thing I know about my fiancee's vows is that they mention that she is stubborn.  But she is a writer and since I am not I could use your help.


A. above all else, I thank you for your courage in taking this chance,

in choosing to take this journey together with me. Today I promise you that as the world changes, and the scenery of our lives becomes entirely distinct from anything we can see now, I will keep an open mind, and make ready for the adventure with you.

I take you to be no other than your stubborn and imperfect self.  You, who cooks for twelve when two are invited.  You, with your innumerable silly faces, all of which are beautiful, despite your best efforts.  You, whose drive and courage, I can only hope I might have.   You, the person with the most kind heart I have ever met.

Loving and trusting all that I know of you, with respect to your integrity, and with faith in your love for me, through our years together, and in all that life may bring us.  I give you my heart, with nothing kept in reserve, and trust that you will honor it.  


Re: evaluate my vows?

  • malanismalanis member
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    It's beautiful! I'm trying to write mine and it's nothing in comparison. I'm sure she will love it!

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    Thank you.  I am still not sure it is personal enough.  My fiancee is a writer which makes me worry that mine will noticeably stink.

  • suze68suze68 member
    edited December 2011
    I think your vows are wonderful. I most certainly do not think that they "noticeably stink". She will love them :)

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    I like them.  I don't think it matters that she's a better a writer than you; surely she knows that already, and understands that, and as long as you're "writing from your heart" /doing your best to express, in words, what it is you want to say, she will be grateful and your vows will be meaningful and beautiful.  Just be genuine, which I think you are, and even if they don't sound as "pretty" as you'd like, that doesn't matter! 

    It's what you're saying to her, not how you're saying it, that really matters. 

    Even the best of us, who may be otherwise great writers, have trouble sometimes, particularly when writing for different audiences or to a particular person (i.e., I'm a good writer, normally, but I'm having trouble writing my vows and making them sound "pretty", per se).  :)
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    How beautiful...your words brought tears to my eyes! They don't stink at all...your love for her really shows and I know she will absolutely love them!
  • edited December 2011
    perfection! she's a lucky woman to have you
  • allychaseallychase member
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