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April 2012 Weddings

Colored sand for sand ceremony & thumbprint guestbook tree

I was hoping to get yellow and blue sand (our wedding colors and each of our fave colors). Michaels has a few other color choices that are my last resort. Jo Ann didn't have any in store. I checked Hobby Lobby's website and found all sorts of colors, the closest one is about 45 minutes away. Does anyone know if they actually carry all of these in store? It'd be a real bummer to make the trip with gas being $4 a gallon and they not have anything! I don't really have the time to order anything online and hope it gets here on time. Plus, I wasn't really wanting to spend $15 on sand anyway lol Tongue Out

Also, if anyone is using a guestbook tree for thumbprints what kind of ink pad are you using? 

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Re: Colored sand for sand ceremony & thumbprint guestbook tree

  • Hobby Lobby does carry a lot of colors.  I went and got ours the other day.  I cant remember seeing yellow, but I also wasn't looking for it.  They had a huge display with a lot of colors, so I'm sure they had it.  I got 2 different colored blues and white.
  • I can't help with the sand, but my Michael's had a dollar bin with small ink pads.  I just got those and will get a couple of nice pens.  I went to a wedding where they had the tree and they just had normal inkpads.
  • Hobby Lobby has the sand both with the wedding section and with the other crafts for like sand art.  There is not as many choices with the wedding sand as with the other and I am certain I have saw the yellow with the sand art.  You may want to call the store before you make the trip though, I have always found Hobby Lobby employees to be very friendly and helpful so I am sure they would check for you.
  • Word of advice for the thumbprint tree - provide wipes for people to get the ink off their thumb.  I have a friend who didn't and guests didn't clean their thumbs very well - she ended up w/ ink on the back of her dress (someone hugged her).  :(

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  • @chickenbutt143
    Good Idea- I got some from BJ's and have a nice basket to put them in.  And a little trash bin for them too.  I definitely do NOT want green ink on my dress.

    Also,  we are having the bridal party do their prints at the rehearsal (if we have time).  This way it will give the guests a visual on what to do and that's one less thing for the bridal party to do on the day of.  Plus there is a special spot for me and FI and I am going to be selfish now and don't want anyone taking it! :)
  • http://www.forensicssource.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductName=Touch-Signature-Fingerprint-Pads

    This is the ink used by banks, and will just wipe off if you rub your fingers together. (I work in a bank, so trust me!! :) happy almost wedding day!

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  • You could also get sand at saved crafts.com that is where I am getting the sand for my floating candle displays. Lots of colors, great prices, no driving!
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