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NWR: Hoboken recommendations?

FI and I just moved to Hoboken, and while we know the area somewhat, I'm wondering what restaurants we should check out, etc.

I know a bunch of you are in this area as well, so I figured why not ask you guys for your recommendations?!
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Re: NWR: Hoboken recommendations?

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    I like Satay on Washington for Malaysian food -- service is hit-or-miss but the food is good. La Isla, also on Washington, is a good place for brunch.
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    Karma Kafe - Indian food
    Biggie's - clams and seafood
    Maxwell's - casual (burgers, personal pizzas, etc.)
    Arthur's Tavern - steak
    Benny Tudino's - pizza
    The Melting Pot - fondue (Ladies' Night on Mondays - $20pp for salad, cheese and chocolate)
    Margherita's - Italian and BYOB
    Willie McBride's - Irish pub

    Cucharamamma was included in the recent issue of NJ Magazine as one of the top restaurants in the state, but I've never eaten there myself. I also hear that Amanda's is a great brunch spot, and that Dino & Harry's is a good steakhouse.
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    My favorites are Court Street, Karma Kafe, Mikie Squared, Lola's, Margheritas, Elysian Cafe, Anthony Davids, Augustinos and Turning Point for breakfast. 
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: NWR: Hoboken recommendations?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I like Satay on Washington for Malaysian food -- service is hit-or-miss but the food is good.
    Posted by mcjays[/QUOTE]

    I've actually been there a few times.  LOVE their food!
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    Dozzino for a twist on your regular pizza, BYOB
    Hoboken pizza for regular pizza
    Torna’s for your square pies (order out)
    Black bearVito’s/Fiore’s for sandwiches
    La Isla for Cuban
    Amanda’s for a little bit of a nicer place
    Clam Broth House
    I love Green Rock & Texas Az for your basic food/bar
    LEO’S – love so much (get the baked clams)
    Puerto Spain (nicer Spanish cuisine, think paella & sangria nights)

    I could go on for days..
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    Sushi Lounge is great too!
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    Oh where to even begin - there are so many amazing places in Hoboken! I'm a bit of a foodie so here goes...

    Napoli's - great pizza uptown
    Grimaldi's (one on Washington, one on Clinton) - great pizza downtown
    La Cucaracha Mama - ain't cheap but AMAZING South American food
    Madison's - great American food, turns into a fairly more upscale than normal bar at night
    Elysian Cafe - charming French-ish place, great outdoor seating (great french fries - haha)
    La Isla - best cuban food this side of Havana
    Dino & Harry's - great steakhouse uptown, saw Eli Manning and his wife last time I ate there
    Vito's or Lisa's (9th and Park) - GREAT mutz and Italian sandwiches
    Amanda's - great upscale brunch
    City Bistro - great brunch (huevos rancheros - yum)
    The Turning Points - amazing brunch on the water but expect to wait

    Otherwise - a great nail salon is Modern Nails on Washington and 9th, I've been to so many nail salons and they are the best.

    Feel free to PM me with any Hoboken questions - lived here for 2+ years and happy to help. Welcome to the neighborhood!! Laughing
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    Hoboken has so many places to are a few of my favorites

    Court Street
    Anthony David's
    Turning Point
    Fillipo's-they have the gluten free pizza (but there are probably better pizza places for people who don't have to worry about that)
    La Isla

    I also live in are going to love it!
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    I forgot Illuzion for sushi/japanese!
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    I also live in Hoboken, Agree with all they say. Its Restaruant week also so great deals on great places. I LOVE anthony david.
    All the places have great week night deals also like 28 dollars for 2 at Amandas for early seating....
    I have been going to 1 Republik alot, even though I live uptown.  I like City Bistro and thier roof, they have a great brunch for 20 bucks.... entree and all you can drink ( as long as the plate is infront of you)
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    I'm in Hoboken too and I want to add Stacks for breakfast (amazing pancakes!) and Precious for Chinese. Also, The prix fix brunch at 3 forty grill includes 2 drinks and their coffee is like crack.
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    If you want something off the beat and path, I reccomend Three A's on 5th and Grand-

    Balbo's pizza for delivery/next to GreenRock near the Path

    Margherita's- its BYOB

    but by far and away- Augustino's is the best for Italian. Must call ahead for reservations. There are only about 8 tables in the entire restaurant.

    Outside of Hoboken/in JC
    Lighthorse Tavern
    Hamilton Inn

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