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Rhode Island

PSA: Linens on Sale! Woot!

Hi Ladies,

If anyone else is planning on purchasing and then reselling their linens (it's actually, and surprisingly, cheaper than renting), a heads up that the company I had researched and will be ordering from is having a 25% off EVERYTHING (except chair covers) until December 25 with FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50. At any rate, we're saving about $109 on our tabelcloths and napkins PLUS another $60-$75 at least on shipping. Yes please!  

Of course this means we had to finally make/commit to a decision about what chair/color combo we're using for our reception at The Towers.  I think we finally decided to go with white chairs, white tablecloths (they will be easier to clean after), sage green napkins, and a sage green tabecloth for our sweetheart table plus the cocktail tables.  Will confirm once we order for any brides after Memorial Day weekend 2012 who need white linens (since I will be reselling).

Good luck ladies and happy holidays! : )
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Re: PSA: Linens on Sale! Woot!

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    Oh and for comparison, here are our stats:

    16 tables requiring 120 inch tablecloths
    1 sweetheart, 1 cake, and 3 cocktail tables that require a 94 or 96 inch tablecloth (we rounded up to the 108 inch size and would rather have it be longer/tuck under than have it short)
    8 banquet sized tables (bar, back bar, gifts, etc.) that require 8- 90 x 156 banquet cloths
    192 napkins (160 guests plus extras; sold by the dozen, buying 16 dozen)

    Our rental quote was $602 (and that was actually before we went from 15 tables to 16, a sweetheart table, and the cocktail tables so it would be about $50 more for the extra tables plus napkins; this is an UPDATE to my original post. I revisited our initial catering contract and saw that the $498 was only for part of the linens, not all of them). 
    To buy will be $375.67
    (yes we'll have to pay to wash them after, but we have a washer/dryer we can use and even if we only make $150 back, at least we're making something back on it and helping out another couple; this is an UPDATE to my previous post. We just purchased for this price and added a few extra plain white cloths on for bussing stations, etc.)
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  • Hi Erin
    I might be interested in purchasing your table cloths when you are done with them.

    Ps how is teh move going?
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  • Hey Jenn!  Was hoping another 'Gansett/Towers couple could use 'em!  : )

    Sending you an email now...move is going good, just hitting us that we'll be back East (finally) in 11 days!  Just sold half our furniture via Craigslist and watched it go out the door...trying to remind myself the money is for new furniture in Boston not buying more wedding stuff, hehe...but there are so many cute beachy wedding themed things!

    Happy New Year; it's finally (almost) 2012!!!! 
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  • Liz C16Liz C16 member
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    Congrats on your wedding!

    I am also getting married at the Towers(6/1/13), and using West Bay, KC told me to look into buying linens. Were you able to order samples to see the colors? 
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