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Frustrated- Advice On Party

My fiance and I are at wits ends with his parents about his bachelor party.  His best man had mentioned going to montreal for the weekend right before the wedding.  This would mean that for those that wanted to go would have to buy passports in addition to spending the money while partying.  Where it is the weekend before the wedding, at our church we have to attend services that Sunday, or we won't be able to get married.  Also, a couple of his groomsmen wouldn't be able to go due to DUI's on their past records.  He has spoken with his best man about doing something in Boston instead and he is fine with that, but now the problem is with his parents.  He explained to his dad that he didn't want to go to montreal and about the church situation.  His mom is now going to speak with the pastor and tell her that he can't make it due to a work convention, basically lie, so that he can go away for a weekend instead of just the friday night.  On top of that his father is all about montreal and doesn't even care that some of his best friends won't be able to go because A.) they can't afford it or B.) Can't leave the country.  He has made it very clear that he doesn't want to go, but his father is very insistant.  Any suggestions for him would be appreciated, we have run out of ways to make it any clearer to his parents he doesn't want to go to montreal. 

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    So his dad (parents?) are going to the bachelor party?  Are they planning it?  Your FI shouldn't be planning his own bachelor party, and I would think it was weird for his dad to be doing it.  If a friend was hosting the party, it would probably be easier to take control of it from his parents. 

    I would have him say something like, "Dad, I know you want to go to Montreal, but I will not be going there for this party, so if you do go the weekend before the wedding, I won't be coming with you.  Mom, please do not lie to the pastor on my behalf.  I will be attending services on Sunday regardless of what you tell the pastor.  This is no longer open for discussion." 

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    Thanks for the advice! His best man is in charge of it, but his dad is trying to take over everything pretty much.
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    Ditto PP.  Your FI needs to assert himself to his father and let him know that HE is in charge of HIS plans.
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    Ditto to RetreadBride.  They can't make him go if he doesn't want to, you should be proud of him and support him in his stance even if he feels presured.
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