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What are you doing to reward yourself as you hit your fitness, or weight loss goals? I was thinking about for every 10 pounds I lose I will buy myself a new running outfit, this way I am rewarding myself without food, and then new clothes always make me want to workout so I can wear them :)
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Re: Rewards?

  • I'm not rewarding myself as my FI is rewarding me by buying me new clothes. I put on about 40lbs since we started dating over 5years ago and he knows that it has not helped my self confidence. So he has decided as a way to motivate me(even though he keeps saying I look great) he said that every time I gain self confidence he will buy me new clothes, or a message at the spa. It's great that I have someone motivating me.
  • I bought a dress a few months ago from a store going out of business that was a few sizes too now almost fits! My reward will be when it does and I can put it on and realize how far i've come! Plus it's adorable and im wearing it to my bridal shower!!!
  • Lululemon workout clothes. Such an indulgence, but when I put them on, I feel like sprinting to the gym. 

  • Here's what I'm doing...
    195 pounds - starting weight
    175 pounds - getting my nails done
    160 pounds - new carolina blue tennis shoes I've been wanting forever
    150 pounds - ?
    140 pounds - ?
    130 pounds - all new wardrobe

    My first goal is my weight before baby #2, then the next (160) is my pre-baby #1 weight. I think it will probably become harder to loose the weight the closer I get to my goal, thats why those are every 10 pounds.

    I am only 1 pound away from my first goal!!!

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