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Invitations/card stock

I've decided to make my own invitations (with help of course). I found a design that I love and my fiance loves (shocker!). I went to Catan's today and couldn't find a bulk package of white cardstock that I could use to print my invitations and save the dates on. Does anyone know of a place locally I could purchase white cardstock from? Also what weight do you recommend, especially to be fed through a front loading ink jet printer?????


Re: Invitations/card stock

  • No idea on exact type, but check out Hollo's for a good selection. It's basically The Place To Go if you plan to DIY your invitations. http://www.hollos.com/
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  • Also going to suggest hollo in Brunswick.
  • Paper Trails in Rocky River
  • Another rec. for Hollo's.  It's a pretty unassuming place from the outside (and inside really) but they have EVERYTHING and their staff is pretty knowledgable.  You could ask them about paper weight.
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  • Yep Hollo's is the place to go. I paid $80 for everything for my invitations.
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  • Hollo's in Brunswick is amazing, also can get the envelopes there and so reasonable
  • Thanks! Will definitely be checking out Hollo's some time soon. 
  • Hollo's is for sure the best place to go!!!! Love that store!
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    The BEST boutique that you could ever visit is:
    ' PATRA"
     located in Eaton Collection in Woodmere, Ohio.  The owner' name is Durgha and her ability to work with paper stock, invitations with flair and 'shock' value is her style.  'PATRA' (the name of the boutique0  can range from country club classic to New York on- point trends.

    I had an amazing country club wedding that was a media oriented affair because of  my groom/husband's  news position.  She was flawless and  my invitations were perfect!  Congratulations and indulge in the best invitation studio in Ohio!
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