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Cake Advice and Help PLEASE!!

I am desperately wanting to have several cheesecakes in the place of a standard cake. I had looked into purchasing some from the Cheesecake Factory as I can get a variety that taste AMAZING! However, upon contacting the company that produces them I was told that I cannot get the standard size without being pre-sliced. I am really worried that by having it pre-sliced it would look bad in pictures. Does anyone know of someplace I can order a whole cheesecake that has a comparable taste? Or maybe how to arrange it or something? (BTW I have tried to arrange cheesecakes and it is very difficult to get them to meet completely).

Thank you so so much for your help and time!

Re: Cake Advice and Help PLEASE!!

  • Here's what I would do - small cheesecake for cutting and photos, layered if it's possible, with other presliced cheesecakes in the back.  Your servers will love you since it's already sliced and it will make service to guests so much faster.
  • Tastes is in the eye of the beholder.

    I think Harry & David and Omaha Steaks ship flavored cheesecakes. Both have websites still all Christmasy, and I can't figure out what they'd have available year-round.

    In my experience, grocery store bakeries are really accomodating on special orders. Even if they usually slice all their flavored cakes, if you asked for unsliced when you order, that's what they'll do. In my experience, you can often even talk to the actual person who will be making YOUR cake, which is super-helpful.
  • I just looked on the Cheesecake Factory's website and their 7 inch cheesecakes are not pre-sliced.  Would you consider that size?  

    I agree with Drama that your caterer would probably love it if they were pre-sliced, but if that's not what you really want...

    Maybe you could get some 7 inch to have out for the pictures and then have more that are pre-sliced that are kept in the kitchen for serving.
  • Venues usually charge a cake-cutting fee, so buying pre-sliced might save you quite a bit of money. 

    I agree with Drama, have one specially for cutting and serving the pre-sliced ones. 
  • Thanks ya'll! This really helped settle my mind.
  • costco cheesecake...mmm....
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