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Try Cool Cow Catering - Sweet Frozen Treats

MOOOve on over ice cream, there's a new treat in town!  Cool Cow offers GELATO, SORBET, and YOGURT, and more...


Have you seen our blue truck with a picture of a cow wearing shades, driving around town? Think about Cool Cow!


Are you interested in having a special and yummy treat for your next event?  Think about Cool Cow! 


For your wedding, Cool Cow can cater any size party!  Just select from our menu or we can create customized bars for your special occasion! You can customize with colors and flavors to match your theme. 

We can do dairy free, vegan, nut free, etc. to accommodate allergies, which are difficult to find in desserts.


For more your inquiry, price quotes, and information, please contact:


Contact:       Michelle , Your Catering Representative

Email:          [email protected]


Please also leave me your email address so we can contact you for our tasting event coming soon. Just let me know you found us on Craigslist and you're interested in our tasting event. This is great if you're going to have a big summer party!!


About us: We are a food truck, but we can also do table service. We have served in Downtown LA Art Walk, 1st Fridays in Abbott Kinney (Venice), and other events. We have experience catering corporate events, birthdays, weddings, and the like.

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