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How's everyone's week going?

Hey ladies! Just popping in to see how everyone's week has been going. Anything interesting going on?

I'm opening up a new store next Wednesday, so this entire week will be devoted to cleaning, and setting up the new store! So exhausting!

Re: How's everyone's week going?

  • Hi Sonya!

    We have been so busy the past few months! I haven't done any wedding planning at all. :(

    Our lives have just been a rollercoaster. But I think that things are going to slow down a little bit soon. And I could really use the break! And as if I don't have enough going on I decided that I want to go back to college. That would mean that I would no longer be working so that I could go back full time and really focus on school. If I do go back to school then I really need to start planning soon because going down to one income = BUDGET wedding!!! And I think that the sooner we start wedding planning then the better! :)

    What have you been up to?
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  • Wow, sounds like we've both been really busy! I haven't really had time to plan anything lately either. That's great that you are going back to school! I am hoping to be able to do that soon, too. I have mostly just been working, a lot. Trying to spend as much time with FI as I can. We unfortunately usually work opposite shifts. :/
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    When we first met and started dating we worked opposite shifts too.  I worked from 6:30 in the morning until about 3 everyday and my FH worked from 10pm until 7am. He also worked about an hour away so he would have to get on the road around 8:30pm. He would sleep while I was at work and then we would have a few hours together in the evening. I'm happy to say that has changed! He works a more normal shift now. And I don't work at all anymore since I'm going back to school.

    Nothing is really new here......but I did get a new bridal set. It's white gold and sparkly and I love it!! And I think that I have decided on our color scheme. White, icy pink, frosty blue and silver. :)

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  • Wow, those are some crazy schedule differences! I'm glad things are much better now. 

    Yay! It sounds beautiful! I like your color scheme! Mine's sorta similar: Navy and Hot Pink and Silver.
  • Oh yeah! I remember now. I love that color scheme too. I actually think that navy and hot pink is a better color scheme choice for a summer wedding but the lighter cooler shades will look better where we want to have our reception at.  The ceiling is painted with a sky blue and cloud motif so I was thinking the lighter shades.

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    *oops double post

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  • Yes! Those would look great with that ceiling!
  • Yay! I'm so excited!! I bought my dress!!!  :)

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  • YAY! So exciting!!! Where did you get it from?
  • I bought it at a little boutique that I pass by all the time. It's an Alfred Angelo.  :)

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    Nice! I'm pretty sure I've decided on mine as well. It's from David's Bridal.
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