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Nunnlea house wedding/reception

I'm considering the Nunnlea house in J-town for my wedding/reception.  Right now the guest list is about 150. It can be condensed if necessary but I was wondering if anyone had their wedding there or been to one there.  I haven't toured it yet but the floor plan on the website leaves me to question if there will be a room inside for a dance floor with a large number of guests.  Any help/advice you could provide is much appreciated.

Re: Nunnlea house wedding/reception

  • my best friend had her wedding there, and we were considering it for ours next year.

    at my friends wedding, it was gorgeous. its a beautiful house, and they got married around back, but the front of the house is gorgeous too - just didnt like that its right on taylorsville road - very busy and loud and everyone can see you. they got married in july 11 and it was SO HOT. the air conditioning sucked, badly.

    the reason we didnt want to have there is because it is laid out like a house - bunch of different rooms means if you have even a big-ish wedding (my friend only had 60 people) everyone cannot be in the same room at the same time. so that sucked for things like first dance, cutting the cake, toasts etc.

    it is a nice location, but not for us. you should definitely go check it out if you want to, it is gorgeous and the lady is super nice. we just wanted one large room for the reception so that no one was excluded.
  • My cousin's wedding was there and it was awful. Too many people running into each other and we couldn't even navigate our way to the food. I looked at it for my daughter's wedding and I just couldn't justify spending the money they wanted and then having to setup and clean up ourselves.  I think you can do much better than Nunnlea.
  • We looked at Nunnlea at first but realized it would be WAY too small and that we will also would be seperated by different rooms. The price is great, but it just wasn't worth it to me.

    On that note, we did find another venue that had everything we wanted and an AMAZING deal! It's called Oxmoor Country Club.
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