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Minnesota-Minneapolis and St. Paul

St. Paul Area Reception Venues

My daughter is planning on getting married May 2014 in Nazareth Chapel at Northwestern College. She is looking for a unique indoor reception venue that has a minimum under $10,000 (and she is determined to get married on a Saturday).  Since most of our relatives are from the East Coast, we expect very few relatives to be able to attend and they expect to have 75 - 100 people.  We have looked at several venues so far - Airport Hilton, Crowne Plaza Riverfront, Park Plaza Bloomington, Golden Valley Golf and Country Club and Embassy Suites Airport. Are there any other venues within a half hour of Northwestern College that we should look at?  Has anyone had experience with the venues we have looked at already? 

Re: St. Paul Area Reception Venues

  • The Crowne Plaza is not a good one to book your hotel block for (they charge you for unused rooms over a certain percentage).  My sister and brother in law looked at it because the room is drop dead gorgeous, but my dad had attended a conference there a few weeks prior and the food was terrible.  They wouldn't let my sister and BIL sample the food before signging the contract so it got crossed off the list.  This was about 3 years ago so take it for what it is worth!  

    The Hilton Garden Inn has a really cool glass wall and ceiling room that could work for you but I don't recall now the cost of the space.  

    The St. Paul College Club rents out a home on Summit Ave for events.

    Forepaughs restaurant might be able to do a reception for that many folks too.  

  • MN Boat club on Raspberry Island in St. Paul.  I believe their catering minumum was $3500 or $4000 (when I was planning on 2010).  It is an indoor venue with a large patio on the water. They do their catering through Minatoe.  We would have had our reception there had it not been already booked. 

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  • The Wabasha Street Caves are very resonable and fairly close to the ceremony location. You should also check out the Mill City Museum or the science museum. I know these locations are below the minimun you stated. You could also look into the Summit Manor.
  • We looked into Nazareth too! So beautiful. Have you looked into the Mermaid Event Center? There are 3 rooms to choose from - 2 ballrooms and an outdoor tent area. It's located in Mounds View and is quite close to Northwestern College.
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    We are getting married at Nazareth too! It's so gorgeous! We are having our reception at the James J Hill Reference Library in historic St. Paul. It is right on Rice Park across from the Landmark Center. It is gorgeous! They allow you to bring in your own caterer so you can pick one that doesn't have a hefty minimum. Best part is that the library is stunning so very little decorations are needed. Definately check them out!

    I would also recommend looking at the Landmark Center. It is in the same area as the library but is much larger. They also allow you to bring in your own caterer. However, since the are larger there is the possibility of another wedding going on at the same time in a smaller area.

    We decided to go with the library because it made our jaws drop when we walked it. Good luck!
  • Thanks for everyones help so far.  We are going to check into some of the venues that you have named.  We looked at the Saint Paul Hotel yesterday, but didn't have time to check the Landmark Center or Library - we will on the next trip though.  She also wanted to look at the
    Science Museum. We went to a wedding show yesterday  where they also mentiond a couple other ideas - 5120 Restaurant, which I guess works for smaller wedding recpetions, Stoneridge Golf Course and Eagle Valley Golf Course.  It's a good thing she has until Spring 2014, because there are a lof to good places to pick one. I think we are just going to have to get bids from the top three and see if that can help narrow them down.
  • We had our reception at the St. Paul hotel's big ballroom.  They go out of their way to ensure everything goes smoothly and their service is out of this world.  Can't say enough about them!!    Did you look at the smaller rooms downstairs?  
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