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1st spray tan tonight... what to know?

I was told to exfoliate and wear no lotion or deodorant before my appointment. Any other tips or things to know?

Re: 1st spray tan tonight... what to know?

  • I highly recommend you use the tan accelerator if they sell it at your salon.  It will keep you from being splotchy--since I started using it, my tan is perfect every time.  Just make sure you read the instructions so you know when and which way to turn, etc.  Use the barrier cream on your nails. 
  • Remember to shave and do all waxing before hand! I've forgotten before and looked very silly with white eyebrows!
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  • Don't wear makeup either! I also put the barrier cream in between my fingers, on my knuckles and nails, on the lines on my wrist, on my ankles and toes/sides of my feet, so basically I put the barrier cream all over my hands and feet to keep them from looking orange/dirty, but I don't put a lot of it on, just like I'm putting on lotion. Use the accelerator like stephie suggested. You'll love it!!
  • For more advice ask the lady at the salon to explain things step by step! :)
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