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Kosher Wedding Weekend / Shabbat

HI Everyone, I'm new here as well - getting married Nov 6th! Just curious what advice anyone has to offer on doing a destination wedding weekend that will still be observant of shabbat? Ie, doing a friday night and a shabbat lunch, providing services in a hotel (making your own shul or other alternatives)... we will have some frum people in our inner circle and a whole host of secular / non jewish people who will most likely just want to hang out / explore for the weekend - does anyone have experience in this combination? The wedding will be in Miami.  thank you!!!

Re: Kosher Wedding Weekend / Shabbat

  • ShoshieShoshie
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    Is there a shul nearby that your more frum guests can walk to?
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    I"m with Shoshie. It is much easier to just go to a local shul than to deal with things such as levels of observation (especially if u have very Orthodox guests) when trying to put together services. I'm sure there are TONS of options in Miami.
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    Having shabbat meals would probably be nice for your guests, so they wouldn't have to worry about getting food beforehand to eat in the room. One nice option might be a hospitality room, if it's in your budget, on shabbat, so people could stop in any time for a snack whether they were observant or not, and it would be a nice hang out.  I agree that it would be better to give people a list of local shuls than try to set something up yourself.  

    Also, you might want to change your username (which entails making a new account, I think), since now everyone can see your actual email address instead of just a screenname.  

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    I recommend a local shul as well, there are plenty in that area.

    I'd love to know where you are getting married and what kosher caterer you are using. My wedding is  also a South Florida destination. How are you finding the planning from another local going?

    I'm getting married in South Florida too (but I live in Boston) and I am not familiar with any of the local vendors. Still figuring out venues and stuff.

  • ejkennedy918ejkennedy918
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    One of my cousins was married recently and they had a lovely Welcome Shabbat dinner on friday night at the hotel.  In the welcome bags of the hotel was information on all the local services for all observance levels as well as what time the services were, followed by a kosher luncheon at the hotel. It was all wonderful and I think everyone appreciated how hard they tried to meet everyone's needs.  
  • LindsayG217LindsayG217
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    Hey, my sister got married in Miami 4 years ago. She got married on a Thursday night and then had Shiva Braches on Friday night for shabbat dinner, Saturday for lunch and Saturday night. It was a nice tradition to do. Different family members sponsored each braches and paid for the meals for the guest. Where is your weddinfg? mazel tov
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