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Anyone who can help my dilemma!

Hi ladies!

So I need some advice. My fiancee and I have been engaged for 8 months and our planning has gone nowhere! We've looked at a place then searched online. I plan on having my wedding being DIY. My fiancee thinks that I want this huge over the top wedding. I really just want to experience it all, all the wedding stuff. And yes just like any girl I want that dream wedding. So pretty much our planning has been a little put off. He wants to it to be kegs, his moms food, a moon bounce, pretty much just a party. What should I do!? I've explained to him I plan on budgeting everything and spend as little as possible, and with him in the military and being away it's hard to sit down and plot some things out. I love him to death but urgh! lol 

ANY advice or suggestions are welcome.

Re: Anyone who can help my dilemma!

  • You both need to find a middle ground, it cannot be either or, after all that is what a marriage is all about, compromise. 

    I suggest maybe making a list/chart of everything including the budget, this way he sees the big picture and will see that it wouldn't cost you 2 much money. Guys always understand better when there is a visual! Since you said you want everything to be DIY, why not have your FMIL do some of the cooking then? It should save you some money this way(I personally would never do this, but you need to take his inputs into consideration as well). For the alcohol, how about have kegs,wine and maybe a signature cocktail or 2? While an open bar would be very nice, you don't always need it to save on costs or maybe have a well bar if you can afford it, top shelf is not needed. Do remember that there are cases where DIY actually end up costing more sometimes, so do your research well! 

    These are just some of the things that popped to my mind as it is late but, you 2 will just have to "give and take" on everything. If he decides on  1 thing, you do the other. The wedding is about you  2 so both inputs must be there. Also, moon bounce? Is that a bouncy house/jumper? I've never heard it called that! haha. 
  • Agree with pp about compromise and give and take here.  I'm curious, what do weddings look like in his family?  Are they like what he has described?  Super informal.  Weddings in my family (when I was growing up) looked like a trip to the courthouse.  I seem to be the only one who wanted the church wedding and reception.  Most of my side of the family feels money spent on weddings is a waste when you "are just as married as if you went to the courthouse."  That is fine for them, but not for me or any of my girls (unless that is what they want).

    Have you asked him about weddings in his family?
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