Vocalist at Heinz Chapel? (or at any ceremony?)

I am getting married at Heinz Chapel and I know that they have an organist that comes with your price. In addition you can have additional musicians. Is this necessary and/or the norm?? What are you all doing?

Re: Vocalist at Heinz Chapel? (or at any ceremony?)

  • We are just using the organ. I was just at a wedding in Heinz and didnt see it was necessary to have a vocalist. Most people just have the organist from what I here.
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  • We're getting married at Saint Paul's and having a full Catholic mass with just an organist. I definitely don't think it's necessary. It would be nice, but I couldn't justify the extra $150 for someone to sing only a few songs. 
  • Thank you both so much, I think we are going to skip out on a vocalist as well!!! 
  • We are having Jenn russel the rec vendor from Heinz chapel sing. She sang at my sisters wedding and she is amazing . With the acoustics in Heinz it sounds truly awesome. We also got a groupon for a harpist !
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