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Final Fitting!

I just got my dress back from my co-worker's girlfriend today :) She did my hem and bustle for only $40! It looks AMAZING too! She did such a great job! 

When I got my dress I was told I needed a petticoat slip and long bra / bustier underneath, so I bought all those things - but now the dress is just a bit too snug with all that stuff under it so it's hard to breathe and hard to move around and in august that's not gonna work out LOL

SO - I tried my dress on with only a pair of undies under it and omg it feels GREAT! It fits like a glove, totally comfortable, light and airy (compared to before, it's still a heavy dress lol) and you can't see thru it at all, so I don't need all that crap at all LOL I thought I needed at least a bustier because of my 34DDs, but they don't move anywhere under that dress lol thank god for corset tops ;) 

SO excited! Cannot wait for the big day! :D
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Re: Final Fitting!

  • Congratulations! I have heard that people's dresses gets more loose throughout the day so don't let out your bust too much especially if you are having a strapless dress.
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  • The bodice is a corset top and that part is very snug, I can't imagine it loosening up much - esp since my wedding is from 6pm - midnight so it won't be on toooo long :D I hope it'll be fine! I can always go put on the bustier if need be LOL
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  • Congrats on the big check!
  • Congrats!!  I had straps added to my dress, so I wouldn't have any issues about the dress being too loose and falling down lol!

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  • Yeah I don't think mine would look right with straps. lol. I never wanted a strapless either until I tried this one on!!! lol
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