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just sent the invites out and already.... (short vent)

I have someone asking if they can bring their kid. BUT here's the kicker... they didn't ask me! They asked my MOH, who happens to be the girl's daisy troop leader! Why on earth would you ask someone other than the host if you can bring your kid? Not only that, I know this woman is aware of invitation etiquette, so the fact that the invite did not include the child's name should have been her first clue. I already have too many kids invited & I'm worried they won't all fit at one table. And that's just family! ok, end rant. just had to get that off my chest. lol
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Re: just sent the invites out and already.... (short vent)

  • They did it because they knew you would say no and could probably guilt a yes out of you MOH.  Call them and say NO KIDS!, (but in a nicer way)
  • I was in a simliar situation where I have a huge family and had to cut out any kids under 18, including some of my cousins, but it's an open bar reception included in the price and i'm not that close to them since they are so young. My aunt was giving a really hard time to my mom and trying to get my mom to agree her kids could come but I stuck to my guns and told my mom too also.
  • Agreed, I got a response back that had "and Ethan" (their 18 month old) on there. He is my ONLY nephew so we are going to let it slide... but kinda messes up our seating arrangement! I'm hoping that is the one and only that comes back like that!
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