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Spybaby Bridals and Dress Prices/Alterations

Hi All, I live in Syracuse but we are having a destination wedding. Anyway, I just wanted to let others know of my experience with SpyBaby Bridals in Syracuse.

I went there to try on dresses and found one I liked, but found it for less at a different store. I told them I would buy the veil from them and the dress if they could match the price but they wouldn't so I just got the veil.

They charged me 50 dollars for being measured and had me sign a contract. When I got home I read the paper and it said that if you do not buy a dress from them and just get measured it is 15 dollars. I called them and first they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about, it is in their contract's fine print! Then said that bridal was 50 and others were 15, even though on the contract it says 15 for bridal. They didn't change it and I wish I had read the fine print before I left the store!

While I was there, some women were there for bridesmaid dress pick up and alterations, and they had quoted them one price and then raised it again with some excuse that the price before didn't take into consideration the lining layer of the dress! And the prices were crazy!

Anyway, I have a wonderful seamstress and I am using her for my dress, I wanted to let other knotties in the area know in case they can save money, unlike me, to read the contract and be careful of multiple, different price quotes from them.  Also, if you want the name of the seamstress I use in Syracuse, PM me.

Happy Planning Syracuse and CNY brides!

Re: Spybaby Bridals and Dress Prices/Alterations

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    Thank you! I've just begun looking for dresses and I will stay away from Spybaby--I hate shady dealings. I have heard greatthings about NY Bride, though!

  • snowygreensnowygreen
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    I went to  NY bride too but they didn't have the lines I wanted. Spybabies is fine I think, as long as you are careful and don't get your stuff altered from there if you want to save money. I had to go there bc I wanted to try on Allure and Pronovias.

    I ended up going with Jay's Bridal though, as they are an authroized retailer of Allure, and that's the desinger my dress is from.
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    I went with Davids Bridal and found a dress I loved

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    I also had a crappy experience w/ SpyBaby when I called to ask about their hours.  They were so snotty over the phone I decided not to even waste my time going in.

    NY Bride was awesome!!!!  If you're in Syracuse, Rebecca's (across the street from NYB) was also absolutley amazing.  The owners and other girls there were soooo amazingly sweet.  Also, Heart to Heart (outside of Syracuse, headed toward Rochester) was by far the sweetest group of ladies ever.

    No need to mess with a bunch of snots like SpyBaby when there are stores out there who will treat you well.
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  • sbolger17sbolger17
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    I got my dress and my bridesmaids dresses from Spybaby and so far they're been awesome for me.  My dress hasn't come in yet though; hopefully I will avoid these problems!
  • saswartleysaswartley
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    My mother and I went to Spy Baby to try on mother of the bride dresses and it was ridiculous.  they acted like they didn't even know we were there and offered no help.  Both my mother and I got our dresses from Heart to Heart, it is a bit of a drive to Manchester but so worth it.  Their owner and seamstress is amazing. 
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    I got my dress from Spy Baby.  They were awesome to me, but the alterations were pretty pricey!  Make sure you ask how much they will charge before you let her go ahead and do it.....that was my mistake!  Live and learn! Money mouth
  • MarianneNMarianneN
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    I got my dress from SpyBabys. I found the people at NY Bride to be completely snobby and rude and they basically pushed me out of the store when I had tried on more than two or three dresses.
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