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Bracelets for Jr. Bridesmaids

Hi Ladies,

     I was wondering if you could tell me what you think of this idea or if anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.  My daughter and my FI's daughter are going to be our Jr. Bridesmaids.  I was thinking of getting matching charm braceletes  for the girls and myself.  I thought about giving them a bead in the autumn color at the rehearsal dinner along with the bracelet on our wedding day I thought I'd surprise them with a matching family charm that the three of us could have.  They had asked a few weeks ago if they could call us mom and dad and I think that not only will the ceremony make them feel like it's official, but, the charm will be a lasting symbol of our commitment as a family.  They're 10 & 11.
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Re: Bracelets for Jr. Bridesmaids

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    I like the idea a lot. ~Donna
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    Start one of those Pandora bracelets for them?  I guess its the equivalent to a charm bracelet?
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    Thanks ladies, that's exactly what I was thinking.  My neighbor and her daughter both have the bracelets and got matching charms which is what gave me the idea.  My FI's daughter is coming into a family of 4 kids, well actually the oldest is now married, but, still she's an only child and I thought that this way hopefully could help make her feel connected..  I'm going to head off this morning and check out some beads and charms.

               Again thanks.
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    I think matching charm bracelets is a great idea! Anything that helps establish the connection is a great idea.  That's why my FI's daughter is getting my "old" birthstone ring as her gift at our ceremony.  She's 17 and will be days away from turning 18 when we get married.  She was given a choice of a bracelet, necklace or a ring and she choose the ring.

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    Oh that's a wonderful idea!!!
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    That sounds sweet!  Good for you.
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