WOW! There's actually brides on this board now!

It's been a while since I've popped over here.  Never moved before so I never missed much when I wouldn't check it for a while. Very surprised to actually see brides posting here. :) 

Re: WOW! There's actually brides on this board now!

  • We appear every once in a while but still not frequently like other boards. This board might be helpful for a bride with a 2 year engagement where you have the month to wait for replies.

    The slowness is still a real shame though.
  • I agree!  Things seem to come in waves, been pretty quiet lately...
  • Its crazy, I got married back in 2005 and this board was hoppin! I just popped back over here since some friends are getting married and asked me for a few referrals and I was shocked at how dead it is.

    Its kind of sad, I'm still friends with quite a few of the ladies that were on here when I got married and we still have GTG's though now they're more like playdates since most of us have little ones.

    Use each other ladies, this board is such a great resource!
  • Silly TK, eating posts! I responded to this once already and it never showed up. I could tell others tried by seeing the "last post by___ date___" change but they also never appeared until the post above.

    There are a few of us out here but there is no real comradery like it sounds like there used to be years ago. Cry
  • That's too bad. I live in Portland and will be having a reception there, but since we are getting married on Maui, I am usually on the destination board. 
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