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I'll be marrying my dream man

On 2.15.10 he popped the question though it was something that we had been talking about beforehand and we both really wanted it. He is a Marine and lives in NC while I am in VA. We went to high school together, which is how we know each other, while he was in Iraq we started talking again and when he got back things just fell into place. He really is everything I have every wanted in a man plus some extra things that I never thought would be important. IE: Being willing to clean a horse stall and then push the wheelbarrow. He really is the man of my dreams and I cant get over how happy I am with him.

The trouble is that he will be leaving for Afgan in July and we really want to be married beforehand. We are planning to do a Justice of the Peace marriage in late April about a month before he leaves for training so if anything goes wrong we can fix it beforehand. Our "wedding" will be Aug 12, 2011. We are not really sure what to call it since we will already be married, ideas? Also should be even bother sending out engagement announcements and such since we are not having a "wedding" until next year? Everyone that would be invited already knows that he and I are engaged.

Also if anyone has gotten married to a service member please let me know how you went about doing things since the military lives to mess up plans.


Re: I'll be marrying my dream man

  • yawn...no one cares.  Try military brides board.
  • Congrats on your engagement.  When you have your "wedding" in 2011, call it your vow renewal.  You can treat it just like a wedding (since most people that do a vow renewal do) just don't call it a wedding.  I am not married to the military (marry the man, you marry the service!) but I understand about it messing up plans because I was a navy brat.  Good luck with everything and you should check out the military board.  The people on there would be able to give you some great advice.
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  • Thank you jagore, your answer was far more helpful then the one above. The vow renewal idea is a great one, I had not thought about that. Thanks!
  • Yeah, ditto the PP, if you're already married, it's a "vow renewal". In the case of military, people tend to be pretty understanding about this sort of thing.

    Just please don't go to the JOP and then keep it a "secret" that you're married.

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  • Congrats! And good luck on your vow renewal!
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