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my story!!

Me and my hunny spent the day at the beach. My fiance was pretty quiet but I just figured it was because he wasnt feeling too well. I think it was nerves and the fact that we had celebrated his birthday the night before! Anyway, we just relaxed on the beach all day and then there happened to be a wedding not too far from us.  We watched the wedding and thought it was cute then went back to our business.  Soon after that,  I caught him messing with something in his pocket (oops! almost spoiled it!).  He made up some corny excuse that he always plays with his pocket. I was like yeah okay...Im gonna check his pocket when we leave but I honestly didnt think that it was a ring in there! Next thing I know he is popping this gorgeous shiny ring out at me and I was completely speechless!!!

Its not the most romantic love story but it fits perfectly for me and him :)

Im so excited that I can finally put MY story on here and be a bride! It does not seem REAL at all. Did anybody else feel that way??

Re: my story!!

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