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HELP!! Kids in the wedding?

I need help!!

Between both of my sisters, there are 7 kids. I love them ALL...but I am much closer to my sister, Sam, and her kids, than my sister, Amanda. I want to include all of the kids in the wedding, but I cringe at the idea of having all 7 of them (and expecting them to stand still) at the altar. I originally was wanting Sam's daughter, Abigayle to be our flower girl (she is 5) and Sam's son, Blaine to be our ring bearer (he is 4)...I am closet to them 2, and spend a lot of time with them. BUT then I was feeling guilty that I wouldn't be including any of Amanda's kids. So I thought of having 2 flower girls and 2 ring bearers, so Abigayle and Amanda's daughter Alyssa (4) as my flower girls and Blaine and Amanda's son Maddux (5) as my ring bearers. This seemed perfect to me until I realized I would be leaving 3 of the kids out, and I didn't want them to feel unincluded since their brothers and sisters were able to be part of the wedding party and they weren't.

Any ideas? I know it would be easy to say "none of them"...but I can't do that...I also know I could always tell my sister Amanda to suck it up - but I really don't want to hurt her feelings or make her feel like I am playing favorites...

Has anybody else dealt with this problem?!? Ugh... Frown

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Re: HELP!! Kids in the wedding?

  • Are you having a long train? If you are you can have them hold it. Or just have them walk in front of ring bearer(s) and flower girl(s). They don't have to be DOING anything per se, just being there in their cuteness is probably enough. I've also seen a lot of pics all over that have kids holding banners that say "here comes your girl Uncle ____" if you wanted, you could have like a walking program. Have one go in front of the maids/g-men, one in front of the RB and FG, and one in front of you. Hope that helps, I know how hard it is to include a plethora of children (my fiance's family has 6 little ones)
  • You could have one child of each sister to be in the wedding. Little Blaine won't know the difference.
  • In Response to Re: HELP!! Kids in the wedding?:
    [QUOTE]When I see those silly banners, my eyes roll so hard into the back of my skull.
    Posted by jcbsjr[/QUOTE]

    Sorry, but that's just rude. I'm not a fan of banners either, but I'm actually trying to answer her question, unlike you. It's called brainstorming. It's not helpful for a bunch of people to post rude comments about how everything you say is a joke and you should just not do anything you want because of whatever reason. If she wants to do it, then she wants to. If she doesn't, she doesn't need you to tell her she's being silly for wanting to have all the kids involved. 
  • You all seem to be ignoring the fact that she said she wants ideas OTHER than telling the other kids no. I was actually trying to come up with ideas that she would want to use. Obviously she knows that she can just have the origional two, but clearly if she's asking this question she doesn't want to do that. Who the heck are you to tell someone else how to do their wedding? If she wants all the kids involved, then so be it. It's not your wedding, so why are you telling her she can't have what she wants? 

    And DUH I know I suggested the banners, jcbsjr. That was one of the ideas I gave her to work with. That's why she asked the question. To get ideas. Not to get yelled at over the internet about how she should just not have the kids in it. 
  • Do the kids have to stand up there? The others could walk down the isle, around to the family's side and sit with their parents? Just bypass lining up in the front.
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  • Thanks for all of the suggestions. I have seen the banners, which are cute! I'm still ot sure what we will decide, but I also like the idea of them not standing up front...mayb having some special chairs for them in the front row or something. Smile
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