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Dogs in Pictures?

Ok so I love my dogdren! When we did our engagement photos we actually took my dogs out and to the place we are getting married and did some pics for the save the dates with them. It was fun, but then they lost concentration and ended up getting in the pond and making a mess.

I really want a picture of me and my FI with the dogs on our wedding day, but know they cant stay out there. Do you think it is reasonable to ask someone to bring them out for Trash the dress pics and then take them back? It would take 15 minutes each way. I just dont know if its right to ask anyone to do that...

My happy family!
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Re: Dogs in Pictures?

  • Contact a local dog boarding facility and explain your wedding day idea.  I bet you could hire someone for cash
  • I live about 10 minutes away... and a friend of mine who knows my dogs well is going to pick them up and bring them back for mid-reception pictures.  If you have a dog walker in your area, they can probably do it for you for a small fee also.

    I didn't want it to be a stranger, because I have two huge dogs that don't take kindly to strange people walking in the house...  but, our friend happily agreed to do it.  She isn't in the wedding party, but really wanted to be a part of the day and was constantly asking "how she could help". 

    I would just be certain that you are ready to trash your dress.  We are taking some photos, and I am sure I'll get some dog hair on my dress, but, they aren't going to be allowed to run free and get into the water or anything.   I don't want to spend the remainder of my reception covered in dog slob and mud.   Additionally, I have a social issue with trashing my dress.  My dress could easily be donated after the wedding, or sold for a super cheap price to a budget bride in need of a gown.  I don't want to ruin a perfectly good $1500.00 dress.
  • Our dogs rode to the ceremony with our neighbor and her daughter (who walked the dogs down the aisle). Then, we had a dog-sitter come out, take them home and feed them dinner. All in all, they were probably only there for 15-20 min. and they were on leashes most of the time. They're good dogs at home, but get too excited around a lot of people, so we didn't anticipate them behaving. So, they didn't have a chance to get into anything and/or trash my dress.

    1 of the dogs, enjoying the ceremony

    Family picture-me, my husband, my daughter & the furbabies

  • It would be nice to have our dogs in some of the pictures, but I really think it will just be too hard to coordinate.
  • I don't think it should be too hard.  Granted, I got married on my farm, and my dog has always been well behaved, so she just mingled among the guests.

  • mbaetembaete
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    In Response to Re: Dogs in Pictures?:
    [QUOTE]I don't think it should be too hard.  Granted, I got married on my farm, and my dog has always been well behaved, so she just mingled among the guests.  
    Posted by AnnaB264[/QUOTE]

    WOW! your dog looks so big and cuddly! My furbaby is only 5 lbs. FI is begging me for a big dog. We will have to see.
  • I hadn't thought of the dog sitter idea! Thanks because they are our little family and I really wanted them there for pics.

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  • My dogs are going to be at my wedding for the ceremony and pictures. I'm just going to get a family member to drive the dogs back to the house after the pictures.  We live close to the reception.  I thnk your family and your friends will understand you will need someone to help out and drive them back. I don't think it is too much to ask at all!   and for the pictures i will have somone stand behind the photographer will a tennis ball so the dogs will look at the camera.  hope this helps out!
  • It does. And there is no need for a tennis ball. They love posing for cameras! They are kind of little divas.
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  • Dangit, why didn't I think of a tennis ball! That would've helped at least 1 of mine.
  • I wish we could do this, but they aren't allowed at the resort we're getting married at, plus its like 8 hours away from our house lol
    We're doing family pictures with them afterwards we agreed :)
  • I have this problem as well, except my plans also include my horse! We asked if we could bring her on to the property and the venue actually ok-d it, but we decided to have a later photo session with the dogs and her back at our farm.  We were also really nervous to bring the dogs to a place that was in the middle of the city with lots of traffic...
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