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Hostess gifts for out of town gift card shower?

My Fiance is from St. Louis and I live in NM. The wedding is here of course, but my future mother in law has friends who are hosting a gift card shower for me in St. Louis since I won't be able to bring a bunch of gifts back on the plane with me. For my shower here, I am actually making the hostess gifts, but they are too big to take with me. I do not know the women who are hosting gift card shower. Any ideas for hostess gifts small enough to take with me, or should I just buy them when I get to St. Louis?

Re: Hostess gifts for out of town gift card shower?

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    Can you ask your FMIL what kinds of things her friends like? Or you could get each a gift card to a place she enjoys shopping/eating, etc. For that, I would buy in St. Louis since some may be local places. I guess it just depends what their interests are. Again, I would ask FMIL since she knows them best it sounds like.

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