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To Wax or NOT To Wax?!

Alright Ladies, what are your thoughts?! I'm toying witht he idea but I'm scurred that it's going to hurt! :/ 
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Re: To Wax or NOT To Wax?!

  • My sister does it all the time. She says it hurts the first time, but after that, less and less.

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  • I go every month. It hurts the first time, but it goes by fast and the results are great. I say go for it.
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  • I only do it before vacations which are typically once a year I'm bad lol.
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    [QUOTE]Alright Ladies, what are your thoughts?! I'm toying witht he idea but I'm scurred that it's going to hurt! :/ 
    Posted by StephieGentile[/QUOTE]

    I have a wonderful person who does my wax (maybe not the area you are asking for, hehe) but she is awesome! She doesn't do it with a cloth strip but uses very good wax. I can give you her info if you are interested. She is located in the area of Sunset.
  • I says wax, it doesn't that much after the first time. 
  • I would wax, but I would do it once before you wedding, maybe a couple of months or so before to make sure you don't have any negative reactions or something. You shouldn't but you wouldn't want to have it done right before you wedding and then something random happen! Euopean Wax centers are great and have several locations and they will even do your first basic bikini one for free as a promo thing. PM if you have any more questions about them. GL!
  • I would say wax. I started waxing for a wedding surprise for my husband and now I plan to never shave again. Just came home from my second appointment and its true, hurts less the second time. I second European Wax center!
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  • I def. say wax. I was nervous the first time i went to get it done. It def. hurt a bit but nothing that was overwhelming. TV makes it worse than it really is. I agree with trying it out first in case you're allergic.
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