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Native American/ Mexican Wedding...ideas?

My FH and I are planning a wedding to honor our ethnicity. Since he is part Native American we are using that as our main theme, but we would also like to incorporated my "adopted ethnicity" (I was adopted into a Mexican family.) 

So far we are planning Mexican food but I'm not sure how else to tie Native American with Mexican. We are having a DIY, casual, evening, summer wedding in June. One thing I am looking into is making some Mexican style fans for favors for the ceremony since it will be outside. 

The colors we have picked so far are turquoise as our primary color and pink for our secondary and are still debating an accent color and any others we would like to use. 

I have already designed Native American theme invitations and save the dates. And we were planning some tree bark vases for the centerpieces. 

But so far nothing really ties together. Any ideas?

My family is Mexican/German/Italian/Spanish. 
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Re: Native American/ Mexican Wedding...ideas?

  • Make sure to incorporate dancing. You could do the Native 4 directions offering and also you could have mariachi. Do La Bamba together and tie the bow together. You could also do both native and mexican food. Mexican tacos and navajo tacos. The cultures are a lot closer than you'd think they are. 
  • You could use feathers. There is also a blanket ceremony, or a wedding vase custom that can be easily incorporated into the wedding. Or research his specific tribes culture and customs. If not, you can use prayers, poems, or other Native American symbolism as part of your decor.
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