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Advice...Thoughts... Suggestions... ANYTHING :)

Hello All My Soon-to-be Sisters!So I am writing in need of a little help. My name is Sabrina and I am in a newbie... I live in Las Vegas and am an event planner here. My wonderful amazing fiancee is a wedding photog out here in LV, he's also a Rochester native. Before we even got engaged we ALWAYS talked about what we invsioned for our wedding. We're in the biz so it was always just thoughts.. ya know. So here is the orginal thought. His parents backyard, party of 50 guest, fun, nothing too tradional mainly playful just done up! We wanted to have a mock "paprazzi line" thought it would be kinda cute becuse he's a photog.    Anywho... as we started to put the guest list together we came up closer to 80 guest! We started thinking logistics parking, bathroom, space blah blah blah. So we started to think may be the backyard could supprt our dream wedding.I'm am writting to you my fellow knotties in hopes that you could suggest may be some outdoor venues or non-tradtional places.It's been difficult for me to make judgements via the internet. It's so insanely annoying to know that I am an event planner that can't even plan!!!!  Sorry so lengthy I figured you like to know the scoop first! xoxo

Re: Advice...Thoughts... Suggestions... ANYTHING :)

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    Did you want to stay in the Rochester area? I do know that there are wonderful vineyards all over the place, and you can have a ceremony/reception right there. I don't know of any particular wineries/vineyards, but I know they are beautiful. I hope that helps! ^_^
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    maybe try looking at some public parks.  with the finger lakes, there are some beautiful places near the water.  canandaigua has some great locations on the water (some of the restaurants) or just the park by some of the beaches. 

    Inn on the Lake, Steamboat Landing are a couple nice places on the water.  Onondaga Park and Kershaw Park are nice locations as well.  Sonnenberg gardens has beautiful grounds and they do weddings there.  good luck!
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