Vendor Reviews ~ 07.24.10

Sorry this is so late!!!

UNO Alumni Center - B+  I would say for the most part our experiences with UNO were great. They had an arch we could rent and chairs for the outdoor ceremony. However, I would say they need to work on their communication a little.

Brandeis Catering - A+  I worked with Carolyn prior to the big day, and she was wonderful. I would say if you go with Brandeis, you should set up a day to taste test the food!!! The day we taste tested, as well as the wedding day, the food was so delicious. The day of the wedding we worked with Mary, and she did an OUTSTANDING job. I have so many wonderful things I could say about her. She made both the ceremony and the reception flow like I wanted and made everything go off with a hitch!

Cake Gallery - A  The cake we originally picked out was fondant (we loved the design but did not want fondant), but they were nice enough to do the cake in buttercream. It was beautiful and delicious!

Complete Music - A  Our dj for the evening was Seth. In July he was still fairly new to Complete Music in Omaha. We had so many compliments on him!! He went with the flow, did what was asked of him at a moments notice, and he kept everything upbeat and fun! He was great!

Augustana College Student String Quartet (Ceremony Musicians) - A   We thought they did a wonderful job. I worked with Alex, and she was very flexible and easy to work with. They sounded great, and the biggest plus was they did not cost nearly as much as a professional quaretet. They drove from Sioux Falls, SD, so part of their fee was to pay for gas.

Hair -Carrie DeLoske (Euforia Salon)- A+  Carrie did hair for the majority of the girls in the bridal party. She is amazing!! She is sooo easy to work with and did an awesome job on everyone's hair. She is a great professional but also made the morning fun!

David's Bridal/Men's Wearhouse - A  We both had good experiences at both places.

Amanda Mafilika Photography - C-D  I hate rating someone so low, but...we were really disappointed. The pictures were the one thing that I wanted to spend more money on, and I'm still disappointed with what we received for the money we paid. When we originally met with her, the work we were shown was great and she seemed very excited. The day of the wedding, she was so quiet we couldn't hear anything she was saying. Everyone in the bridal party had to request ceartin poses to be taken (even though I filled out a sheet of what I wanted done). I felt like she should have put us in a pose or at least told us 'hey, we're going to do fun pictures with the groom and all the bridesmaids.' She didn't even address the little flowergirls or ringbearer to involve them. At the reception my brother was pulled aside by our dj (my brother had been also taking pictures during the day/night) and was told that he was working harder than the actual photographer. The pictures that we received were average, some of them below average. A lot of the pics were not centered (for pictures/poses that should have been), people's heads were cut off (during the cake cutting my head was cut off in a lot of the pics, and the coloring in most of the pictures outside was off (either overdeveloped in some or underdeveloped in others -- for example the grass looked neon green in a lot of the pics). On a positive note, we did have a few pics that turned out really nice. However, I wish I would have taken the money I spent and paid my brother instead.

I think that's everthing!!! I would say all in all, it was a wonderful experience and I had so much fun planning everything!

Re: Vendor Reviews ~ 07.24.10

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your photographer! I was actually really surprised when I saw that because I don't think I've ever seen someone rate their photographer something other then an A++++, but I just know that's not the case. I'm glad to hear that everything else went so great for you though! =]
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    Yeah, I thought the photographer would be one of the best parts of the day! I hated rating someone so low, but honestly I would say the C-D was pretty generous.  We'll probably have to use photoshop to clean up the pictures where the color looks really bad. Oh well, all the other parts of the day were great and I'm happy with the way everything else turned out!
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    Thanks for posting your reviews!  I hope that you're still hanging around the boards -- do you have the contact information for Augustana College Student String Quartet?  Do you mind sharing what they charged, travel included?  Please PM me if you don't want to post it.

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    I will go ahead and send u a pm!
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    Do you have pictures from when Carrie did your hair?  I'm still searching around for a hair stylist.

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    I do, What is your email address?
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