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Guest Favors?

Does anyone have a unique idea for guest favors, other than a photo booth, can koozie, candy buffet, etc...  Preferably something edible but not expensive.


Re: Guest Favors?

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    We are going to have a cookie buffet at our wedding which we can make ahead of time and is economical. Also in the out of town bags, I'm going to include some gooey butter cake which St. Louis is known for.

    Hope this helps! Can't wait to hear what you choose to do!
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    I don't know when your wedding is, but we are doing candy apples from Happy Apples. They are located in Union, so you can just pick them up directly from the factory, which cuts the cost of shipping. The cost was around $.80 per apple, and I bought cellophane and some jute ribbon at Michael's with a 50% off coupon. So we're definitely going to come in at under $1 per person for favors. And the neatest thing is that you can mix and match your trays of apples. They have caramel, caramel with nuts, cinnamon spice, and SPRINKLE apples. So it's going to be a fun favor. Good luck!
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    I am doing munchkins from dunckin dounuts.  Who does love donuts after dancing and drinking?
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    Thanks Ladies!  Our wedding is May 1st... Bluesgirl - I LOVE the candy apple idea, but I contacted them a few months ago, and since our wedding is in the spring the apples won't be in season.  Good Luck with your's...as a guest I know I would really enjoy them.
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    I finally decided on favors (just under 3 weeks before the wedding)!!!  Schnuck's has their delicious Gooey Butter Cookies on sale this week, so I placed my order and paid for them... all I have to do is pick them up 2 days before the wedding and package them myself.  I ordered 250 cookies and it was about $105 total with tax.  We only have a little over 100 guests coming to the wedding, so everyone will get 2 cookies and there will be a few to spare incase anyone extra shows up!

    Just a tip incase anyone is in need of a cheap, but tasty favor idea!!

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    Italian cookies from our favorite bakery on the Hill packaged in little Chinese takeout boxes.  Went over like gangbusters!
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