Keystone Hair & Makeup - reasonable prices?

I've been searching the web and calling all over trying to find hair and make up  that doesn't cost too much.  I've checked out Denver folks who could travel up to Keystone and also some folks local to the area.  I definitely want a "trial" run to see how things will look (and help me pick a nice style since I'm clueless when it comes to hair & make up) and was hoping to have the stylist come to my hotel room to help save time the morning of.... and when you add in the trial run and the travel fees, it seems like  hair is going to be about $200-250 and makeup $150, for a total around $400 and that's before gratuity.  Just seems a bit much to me. Or maybe I'm just completely out of touch with what this stuff costs?  Does anyone know of someone they like that is less costly?  Appreciate any advice.

ps - my bridesmaids are much better at this stuff and on a budget so they plan to do their own hair which means I can't get a discount for having others in my party use the services also...

Re: Keystone Hair & Makeup - reasonable prices?

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