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My fiance is Sikh and I am Christian.  There have been all kinds of issues come up from financial to timeline.  I am not extremely religious but still want the white wedding dress ceremony which no one has a problem with.  His family of course wants to have a Sikh ceremony and all of the parties and ceremonies that happen before and after.  Also, no one has a problem with that.  The problem is coming down to the quantity of people that need to be invited and costs associated with the wedding.  I have less than 100 guests and they have about 300-400.  Finding a venue has been tough since this is going to be a very expensive event.  They also just told us that since they are planning on throwing the ritual ceremonies and parties prior to and after the wedding that my parents should pay for all of the reception.  I'm not sure how to deal with all of this, since I am not willing to put myself and future husband in debt (especially since we are trying to buy a house) or put my parents in debt over a single party.  I was very excited about all of the exciting events, but now I just don't know what to do.  Anyone have any ideas on how we go about planning a wedding when both sides of the family are not on the same page?

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    I say good luck to you.  I am in a similar boat- my fiance is HIndu and I am an atheist (non-Indian background).  I really wanted a white wedding dress- they almost died!  They were not willing to contribute financially, so for me that meant no events leading up to the wedding and 150 guests (not 300!).  If they don't pay, they don't get to dictate spending a huge amount of money.  I read that the average American wedding is $22,000 and the average Indian-American wedding is $75,000.  Ridiculous!

    The ceremony and events leading up to the wedding will not compare in cost to paying for a 300-400 person reception.  I think you need to crunch some numbers for the family to see.  What's your fiance's opinion?  Does he want a big Sikh wedding?  Mine did not, which was very helpful.

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