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Hey Casey! Thanks for taking the time to post. I hope you see this because I think it's really funny. I was snooping around Dunham's the day you got married!!! hahaha! I live 4 hours away and my mom and I had come up for the bridal show that weekend. I wanted her to see Dunham's since that's where my reception is and when I drove up, you're ceremony was just finishing up on the water. It was gorgeous!! Made me a little depressed that I have to get married in a church. You guys were out back at cocktail hour and Lynn let us snoop around your table set up, which was really different and pretty. Tell me tell me tell me all about Dunham's please?? How did it go??

Re: **CaseyLou**

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    Hi Kelly!
    That is so funny! Did you see me freezing my butt off?!?!
    Dunhams Bay was great. We sold the whole resort out with all our wedding guests. Most people came on friday and stayed both nights. We had food (my Dad BBQ'd) at the bonfire both nights as well. Its was freakin freezing, but since it was supposed to rain and snow, I cant complain!

    There were things that did not go as planned, but honestly no one knew it but my Mom, myself and my husband. I honestly dont think they were prepared for us. We brought boxes upon boxes of decorations, lights, mums, goards, candles....you name it. I dont think they were prepared for how much stuff we were bringing (even though I warned them) and so not everything was done and when my family went in to help in the morning, they were shoo'd out of there- which kinda upset me...but oh well. Like I said, no one knew but me.

    But, everyone had a great time. Mark and Lynn are beyond accommodating and will pretty much do whatever you want. They are patient and understanding and willing to please. We regret nothing, just wish it was a little warmer! We decided on a buffet style because all the food we tasted was amazing. Mark even allowed my hubbys mom to make some authentic Filipino food for the buffet. 

    You will not regret it, and you cant beat the prices! Its an awesome location and everyone can stay overnight...so you dont have to worry about driving!! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Im more than willing to answer them!

    We hope to make it a yearly "weddingpalooza" (as our wedding was called). We hope to bring a bunch of people back up there for a weekend and relax. it was great! 

    HTH! GL!
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    Thats great to hear! Did you get a discounted room rate for booking out all the rooms?   I don't think they're used to big crowds which is what was making me nervous.  My list is at 250 but half of it is from Ireland so we're expecting 150-200.  I am also doing my own centerpieces so I will also have loads of stuff!!   Did they set up your centerpieces for you? I was gonna have my family help put them on the table. We're still going between the open bar per person or per drink option. Definitely buffet.  I got an Irish singer for cocktail hour which I'm going to do more like 1 and half hours.  I'm glad to know they'll work with me cause I want to change the format a little.  My fiance is from Ireland and they do it totally different over there.  If we have more than 160 we're going to do it outside under a tent.  Everytime I ask a question they tell me not to worry about anything which makes me worry more.  (control issues, you know?)  Anyway, you looked beautiful!  Congratulations!!
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    Hi Kelly!
    They will def let you change the format. The wonderful thing about them is they are so flexible. They told me the same thing with the amount of people....I was thinking I was going to have 150ish... but we ended up with 124, and honestly, I cant imagine 150. It was tight, we though. My husband and family even said, "wow, I cant imagine more people in here." My mom's co-worker got married there over the summer and they had 183 and she said they couldnt even move. She said the bridal party could not get up to greet people during dinner because they were trapped at the tables because it was so tight. So, if you can, I would totally go with the tent. My mom snuck up and saw a couple of tent weddings and she said they were beautiful. My only advice is if you do inside, put a speaker in the back room. No one could hear the toasts or announcements. And people couldnt hear that those things were going on, so people were talking in the back. 
    We did get discounted room, but only the normal 10% which I thought could have been better since we sold out the whole resort in the off season. 

    If everyones Irish, I assume they are drinkers, so watch the bar tab. The great thing about Dunhams Bay is that they let you pay per drink if you choose. Kinda like having an "on-going tab" which works so you only pay for what people drink, instead of paying for the people that dont drink. 
    However, we beat the most for the total bar tab. We to had many, many Irish. Mark said he never saw a group drink more top shelf than ours did. Even though we said no shots, people found a way around it. Like ordering a pint of Jameson. They went through 3 bottles of Jameson, then had to switch to whatever comes after that, went through 3 bottles of that...and then something else. 122 people. yea. be careful with that one!

    And yes, I made the centerpieces. It took forever to burn those carvings in the wood!!
    All in all, your making the right choice. If I could do it all over again, I would at Dunhams Bay again. They honestly are eager to please and never saw a group that was willing to do whatever you wanted. Mark and Lynn are awesome. Like I said, things that went wrong, only I knew about- and that is all that matters!
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