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Gangster/Mob themed wedding...HELP!

My fiance up until two days ago wanted very little input for our wedding and then he dropped the bomb on me.  He wants a themed wedding! He wants the guys to wear zoot suits and for the whole wedding to have a gangster/mob feel to it.
I don't even know where to start with this theme. Please if you have any ideas I would be so grateful.  We are having the ceremony and reception at a local country club that has an old Spanish mission feel to it so I think we can make the theme work. I don't know what to do about the dress, I don't have one picked out yet but the slinky form fitting '20's style dresses would be far less than flattering on me so I need a lot of help with dress ideas. I really don't want flappers for BMs. How can we incorporate the theme with out turning my wedding into a speak easy?

Re: Gangster/Mob themed wedding...HELP!

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    pinstrips, fadora's, think "the godfather" thats a vintage gangster/mob.... i would draw alot from that..... see if this inspires you....

  • so the gangster thing really is more 30's and so was the zoot suit, so go with a glam more 30's dress, flappers and jazz babies were before gangster zoot suit time and the mens clothing of the 20's, at least the formal ones were more the modest tuxedo and boiled shirt look. unique vintage has a lot of 30's dresses that you are your bridesmaids could try
  • Ditto pps that zoot suits were more 30s & early 40s than 20s. I would be careful of going to overboard with the gangsters/zoot suits because they can easily look like pimping costumes. I would look up pictures of 1930s & 40s styles, but things with v-necks or halters would work, or dresses with little cap sleeves. Your veil is where you can really play up the look without having to compromise your dress too much. Italian food, drippy candles, Sinatra, low lights, potted palms, and maybe even some swing dancing if you go the 40s route. 
    My suggestion would be to narrow things down to a decade so you know what styles to incorporate. There is a pretty big difference between styles from, say, the late 20s to early 50s. The less stuff you have to sort through the better.
  • You could also watch Boardwalk Empire for inspiration.
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    [QUOTE]You don't need to wear anything "slinky" to evoke the mobster theme.
    i didnt mean to offend by posting a "slinky" dress pic! i saw it and it looked good so i posted it! and i didnt mean to try and envoke "slinky" into her theme just trying to help
  • So no help all this time and now he wants everything to evoke this theme.  I would think this more a thing for he and his buddies so it would definitely seem one of those times a compromise is in order.  He and the gents can where their gangsta' suits that he helps research and order.  IF you haven't already picked your reception entertainment he can research that too.  And everything should be great!  With personal touches that reflect the both of you.
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