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So I'm on shutterfly making a photobook for people to sign as our guest book.. On stumped on the first page.  I'm writing a little something to thank everyone for being there for us and spending our special day with us.  Should I write something like:  Please take a moment to let us know you were.  Or something else insinuating herethat they should sign around the pictures? Or do we think taht just hte pen and our close friends & family signing first will be enough of a hint?  I just don't know.. hmm

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    What if you just put a framed sign that says Guest Book, or Please Sign?  That might help with a little confusion.  Once people start signing, they won't see the first page anyhow, because the book will already be open.  HTH :)
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    Our first page says "Please leave your best wishes for the new Mr. and Mrs." and we are leaving a bunch of pens out with it. 

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    I think if you'd like something on the first page, it's fine to put it, but I agree with Dmcphee that once the book is open people will know what to do. :) Sounds like a great idea. My fiance and I are also doing something similar.
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    Chiming in here.

    We did the same thing-- we had a bunch of quotes that went with the photos on the page (we had a baseball quote for our Red Sox picture page, a quote about siblings for the pages with photos of us as kids with our siblings, rugby quote for the rugby page, etc.) and people knew what to do. It probably didn't hurt, either, that our family knew we were doing his and helped to get things started-- nor did it hurt that the staff at our reception venue helped to guide guests from the cocktail hour, to the table with the guest book and the seating chart...

    It was a big hit and we're so glad we did it!
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