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Boudoir low-down

I just learned about boudoir pics and really really want to have them taken as a gift for FI.

I was wondering, those who have had them, if you could answer some questions I had:

1. how soon before the wedding did you have them taken?
2. what should I look for when choosing a photographer, and what should I avoid?
3. any tips or advice?

I'm not shy about my body image, I use to pose nude for the art classes at my college for extra cash and was a nude model for a friend who was going to school for photography - so I don't need advice on getting undressed in front of a photographer.

I just don't know who to go about looking for a photographer.

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Re: Boudoir low-down

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    I did boudoir photos and it was really a great experience. I started my planning process for this shoot in April 2008 with my wedding taking place September 2008. I started looking for general photographers in my area. Most didn't have a specific "boudoir portfolio" because the trend was pretty fresh at the time, but most had strong modeling portfolios. From that point I narrowed it down by each photog's package and price. I was only interested in the rights to the raw photos on a cd, as I planned to my own editing and album creation. From there I spoke to 3 different photogs, narrowing down the details of total shoot time, wardrobe changes, location (studio or my home), hair/makeup provisions, and total number of proofs. I also had been collecting a folder of boudoir "must take photos" to show these photogs exactly the type of shots I was looking for.

    I ended up booking a photog from Brooklyn that spent most weekends in my area of PA to visit family. I spoke to her a few times about a boudoir session and she was just as excited as I was to do one. She had a huge modeling and pregnancy portfolio but had never been asked to do a boudoir. The package she gave me was 2 hours in my home, with unlimited wardrobe changes, and at least 200 proofs on cd with printing rights. We had a blast!

    You could also pick a theme for your boudoir like pin-up girls, old hollywood glam or if your FI has a hobby that you could incorporate into some of the shots. Anything specific to the two of you will make it even more special! I created my own photobook using Before creating the book I contacted them concerning the nature of the photos. They informed me there is no issue in printing these type of photos, or full nudes as long as they appear to be shot in an artistic fashion. 

    Here are a few of my shots, board appropriate of course! Our cat even got a spot in the boudoir book, as he wandered in the room while we were doing some and curled up on the bed. I also tried to incorporate some golf into the shoot, as my husband is an avid golfer. Hope that gives you some ideas! Best of luck!

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