Wedding dress alterations - recommendations?

Can anyone recommend someplace good to get my dress altered?  I bought it at Bryan's Bridal, but two of my friends have had bad alteration experiences there, so I'm a bit apprehensive. 

Thanks very much!

Re: Wedding dress alterations - recommendations?

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    My only suggestion is Tiffany NY Bridal on Hastings. I bought a dress there years ago for a cousin's wedding and the seamstress also made me a bolero. Not sure how their pricing is, but I think they would be good seamstress wise.
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    I've used "And So On" in langley and it was fine - took a little longer than expected though.  Was only a bridesmaids dress though.
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    Elena in Newport Village in Port Moody is fantastic.
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    Werner & Elena Tailors?  How were their prices? What kind of dress did you have work done on?  I've been looking for someone to do alterations too and Newport is at least close to home
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    Paul's on the North Shore - they guarantee their work!  Seamstress is from Holland and is fabulous.  Good Luck!
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