bridesmaid fashion advice..

Hey Ladies... so i need a little fashion advice...

My girls will be wearing the dress below in black just like the picture, and what i am having difficulty picturing is what they should wear for accessories..  I have the picture of my bouquet inspiration to show the colors we are using.. so here comes the question.  My sister has short hair kinda angled to the front and side and she would like to wear a fascinator, which is great and totally her style.  My question is what color? we were originally thinking of having her wear a color that would accent the bouquets, and the rest of us would have a different color flower in our updos or whatever... or should she wear a black one? 

I have never worn a fascinator so I'm not really sure on the protocol with that style haha.. but what would you wear for jewelry with that, if any at all?  I'm leaving this up to the girls, and same with their shoes because i want them to be comfortable, but i wanted to make them jewelry as a gift, since it's sort of a side job of mine.  I am not sure if i should try to match it to their dresses or just make them something fun to wear another time.

Any thoughts??


Re: bridesmaid fashion advice..

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    I would say go for color as much as possible.  I think black accessories with a black dress for a wedding is too much black, espeically if they end up in black shoes too. 

    What kind of jewelry are you thinking of making them?  I'm going to make bracelets for my girls (with memory wire so they wrap the wrist a few times) and I got small cream colored pearls and red Swarovski crystals to make them with.  What about something like that (could be anything - necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc.) with pearls and black crystals?
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    Love the idea of fascinators! What a beatiful touch with an elegant dress. I think black shoes are good because they can be worn again after the wedding (or they might have a pair already broken in). Since you can see their feet, are you ok with the shoes not matching? (No judgement, just something to think about. I could care less if my BM shoes matched.) 

    Also, I think that making jewelry would be a nice gift. What about a pink, red, or gray pearl set? If I were going to accessorize I would skip necklaces with the fascinators. I think those make a statement on their own. Just earrings and a bracelet might be nice. 

    Looks like you have some great ideas!
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    I love the idea of a colored fascinator for your sister, and I think black dresses with colorful accessories is really pretty. What a nice idea for you to handmade them jewelry as gifts! I would add splashes of color but I don't know that I would go totally all out with the colors with the jewelry as sometimes that can look a bit much. You have a simple canvas to work with on the black dresses so the possibilities are endless!
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    I would go for a cute and colorful hair piece and if you were feeling really brave I think it would look nice if each girl wore a pashmina in each of the colors of your bouquet.  Or you could just stick with one color for every girl.
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    Thanks ladies for all the awesome advice!  I think i just needed some inspiration.  I think i will make them earrings and bracelets maybe out of gray pearls.. i love that idea :)  and i am def leaning towards different colored hair accessories, not black!  Thanks!!
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