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April 2012 Weddings

A little vent

So I started to get back some r.s.v.p.s, which totally makes me happy everytime I see one in the mail. I got one back from my dad's best friend (whom I've always called Aunt and Uncle) and they responded that they are going to make the trip to Hawii. But on the card, they asked if I invited their two daughters (who are a few years older than me and are both married with kids). I want to tell them "OBVIOUSLY I DIDN'T or else you would know!" I just found that to be so incredibly rude for them to even ask. Due to locale and $$$, I wasn't able to invite a handful of people (including family members and close friends). If I were to invite these two girls and their families, who I very rarely see, then that means adding another 4-6 people on my already overcrowed guest list! The church only holds 20 ppl and as of right now, it looks like it will be a "standing room only" venue.

Now I have to respond back to them on that touchy subject. I hate being put on the spot like that. UGH!

Re: A little vent

  • Wow that is very rude, I can't believe what some people write on their RSVP cards such as adding plus 1's and this as well.  I would just call him and explain that it is a small wedding and due to $ you had to keep the guest list very small.  He is probably trying to use your wedding as an excuse for his whole family to go on vacation together (if they don't live in Hawaii).
  • Maybe they may have thought the invites were lost in the mail.  But I would just call and explain due to budget you would have loved to invite everyone but had to extremely limit your guest list, and you really hope everyone understands.
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  • Im soooo sorry you have to go through with making those tough replies. I would be irritated as well. Good luck with it all.
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