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January 2012 Weddings

Money Woes

I need to find a way to kick this money stress to the curb! I woke up this morning almost feeling irresponsible for spending so much money on 1 day. When that money could easily go towards paying off bills! I still am going back and forth about big vs small wedding or even running to Vegas.... even after I have already printed 130 save the dates! D'oh!

Ladies talk me down! lol
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Re: Money Woes

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    I feel the same way sometimes. I know it's hard to justify the money for one day. But this is a once in a lifetime thing, your one time to have your pretty princess day. You don't get a do-over.

    It might be a little silly, but thinking about missing out on a big wedding makes me feel sad. I always enjoy going to family weddings and want to be able to celebrate my own wedding with everyone I love!

    So really... Even though it costs a lot to have a big wedding, to me, it's priceless.
  • It is one day yes...but it is a celebration of your love.  I think that your love between you and your FI is so big that throwing one H3LL of a party is needed.  Think of it this way...you are really throwing a party for the people who have supported you and your FI throughout your relationship. 
  • I feel the same way. My FI and I are both laid off teachers. His unemployment just ended, I have a little more of a year left. We are applying for teaching jobs like crazy but it's really hard to land an interview. I live in the state of NJ and our governor has cut billions, yes, billions to the school budgets, therefor making schools have no chance but lay off teachers.
    With all this said, we are still putting together a 15,000 wedding. My parents are helping out a great deal for the reception and his parents are paying for the band and rehersal dinner. But we still have to come up with a lot of money. (money all from student loans since I am in grad school).

    We are only inviting 90 guests (and thinking 80 will come). We are saving money because it's January but EVERYTHING is just so expensive. I bargin every vendor down but it's still so hard when I think that we are spending so much money on one day. The guilt gets to me at times but I keep thinking  of how much fun we will have on that day and how important it is for us to have all of our family and friends together, celebrating with us.

    If worse comes to worse, we will ask our single friends to not bring a date. Yes. that sounds weird but if they are not in a serious relationship, they may not mind. We have 8 single friends, and if they come solo we will save about $750.
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  • I'm sorry to hear about you and your FI's job status Tara! My Fi is a teacher as well and this is the first year since he started teaching that he did not get a pink slip. He was officially laid off last year but the district did some reorganizing and thankfully he was able to work at a high school. I get so frustrated when education budgets get cut... I just don't feel that's the way to go.

    I can completely understand asking single guests to not bring a friend/date. It's definitely a money saver. Since I changed jobs 3 months ago I have redone my wedding lists. I haven't talked to some former co-workers that I considered friends once so I'm going to have to take them off the list. I've been able to get the list down to about 130 people. I think we can get the list down to 120 and since our wedding is on a Friday at 4pm I kinda have a feeling that we will only have 110 show at most. Hmmm that doesn't seem so bad now that I've worked the numbers out... again! lol
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