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September 2012 Weddings

September 9th 2012 ♥

Strange day I know :) But September 9th of 2004 was the date my FI told me he loved me in a note that he wedged in the door of my apartment while I was at work. I couldn't think of a better day for us to take the "plunge".  Last September he was in Iraq (without me) working for the military, this september we will still be in Germany (Yeah Together) while he continues working for the military.  September 2012 we will finally be back "Home" in Nevada together and on the 9th becoming "One"!!! 

Congratulations to all of my fellow 2012 Brides-to-Be!!!! I am so happy to be sharing our excitment!!!!  And.... anyone else planning on the 9th?

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!" ~Anonymous~ "It is far better to be small and *Shine* than to be big and cast a Shadow!" ~Anonymous~

Re: September 9th 2012 ♥

  • Absolutely nothing wrong with a Sunday wedding.  I went to a wedding where the couple got married on a Wednesday.  I was actually in the wedding.

    I say if its the day you guys want to get married who cares what the norm is.  Plus it's a lot cheaper to rent places and have catering on a "non traditional" wedding day.  I also read somewhere that weddings on Saturdays weren't considered good luck in the 1800's and early 1900's.
  • Awesome! There are lots of Sunday brides on here because of Labor Day weekened. You'll see a lot of 9/2/12 brides :) I think it's very sweet that you picked a date that means so much to both of you.
    Bless you and your FI for the military service!
  • Congrats!!!!!!! I am a Sunday bride too, not the 9th but the 2nd it was easier for my family, and it helps that it's cheaper :).
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  • We're getting married Sept 1, 2012.  It's still a Saturday on Labor Day weekend and the reason is my family is all out of state so it will be easier to have Sunday to recover and still visit and then have them drive back Monday.  Otherwise we would definitely have a Sunday wedding, much cheaper to rent venues and catering around here.
  • Congrats!!

    I'm having a Sunday wedding too, September 16th, 2012. The date is important to us, otherwise it would've probably been on a Saturday. LOL.
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  • omg!!!!! we have the same date I am so excited!!!  im saving alot of money on the venue by making it on a sunday
  • Yeah! Lots of Sunday Brides!!!  & Icollazo I'm super excited to share our date!!!!!

    "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!" ~Anonymous~ "It is far better to be small and *Shine* than to be big and cast a Shadow!" ~Anonymous~
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